Carey Staff

Carey is a community of faithful scholars who passionately believe theology is the starting point to making a difference in the world today.

Highly Skilled Academic Staff

Our teaching staff are highly qualified and respected academics at the cutting edge of Applied Theology research whose research outputs place Carey among the leading PTEs in the country in terms of PBRF rating in both 2006 and 2012. We encourage you to check out their published books on display in reception.

Not only are they leaders in their field academically but they are active practitioners putting into practice what they teach.

Student Support

We have a holistic view of every student at Carey and our wrap-around academic, reception, and registrar support staff provide care and nurture ensuring academic success. Inclusivity is encouraged in our Community and we are deeply committed to our bi-cultural journey with specific staff support for our Maori and Pasifika students.

Academic Staff

Our staff are passionate about what they teach. Not only are they leaders in their field academically but they are active practitioners doing the stuff they are teaching.

Ministry Training Staff

Our Ministry Training staff are committed to providing the best possible programme to equip leaders for a lifetime of fruitful ministry

Management & Support Staff

Approachable, caring and knowledgeable our library, registrar and administration staff are here to help!

International Lecturers

Each year Carey invites Visiting Lecturers from Internationally renowned seminaries and universities to teach on topics that are relevant and at the forefront of theological discussion.

Adjunct Lecturers

Our Adjunct Lecturers are experienced practitioners from ministry and mission settings and experts in specific topics within a New Zealand context such as Worship, Christian Spirituality and formation.