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Programme Outline

Jesus is calling disciples to follow him to the least, the lost, and the last. Today, more than ever, he yearns for young people to “swim against the tide” of society and live counter-cultural lives transformed by the Gospel.

Intermission is a one-year intentional discipleship journey. It is curated for a full and wide exploration of the Christian faith: seeking ways to impact your head, heart, and hands for the Kingdom.

You will journey alongside no more than 12 fellow 18-20+ year olds, encouraging and challenging each other every step of the way. Together, you will come to experience God in ways you haven’t before. Intermission will form you as a follower of Jesus and help lay a solid foundation for wherever God will call you next.

So come, take an intentional approach to a year of discipleship, and

    • rethink your world view
    • refuel for a life of discipleship
    • reorder your priorities for the future

Join Intermission and be transformed for authentic discipleship on the Jesus-journey. You will never be the same.

“Intermission is about getting equipped for a life of radical discipleship where ever Jesus leads you next.

We love Jesus, we love the local church, we love seeing young people grow in Christ and discover what adventure God has in store for them. So come journey with us!”

Dan Cuttriss and Katie Cuttriss
Graduates and Intermission Co-ordinators

Programme Structure

There are three foundational areas of learning: academic, formational and experiential.

Academic Learning

Intermission provides a spring-board into future academic study. You will develop skills in research, critical thinking, writing and presentations. When you have successfully completed the programme you will be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (NZQA Accredited). The programme is one year full-time study, 120 credits, comprising:

Semester 1: What's the story we live by?

Course Name

Semester 2: How do we live out our story?

Course Name

And the following across both semesters


Formational Learning

IN  Figuring out me (and you)—personality, strengths, stress, group dynamics, healthy head habits.

UP Leaning into God—sustaining spiritual disciplines.

OUT Serving—in my local church or community.

REFLECTION  Mentoring—processes the learning.

Intermission Students doing community experience work

Experiential Learning

Exploring the ways people follow Jesus in their own context—out in the neighbourhood.

Experiencing a small church engaging with their local community and local marae.

Creating community and support for people with disability.

Serving at a huge event for the purpose of taking young people on a God journey.

Experiencing intentional communities living in marginal spaces.

Participating in prayer workshops—how do we pray?

Entry Requirements

Admission open to full-time New Zealand students and full-time International students.

General Admission

Open entry with NCEA Level 2 attainment. Applicants with no secondary schooling or NCEA Level 1 will require an entry assessment test.

For more detailed information about admission and course criteria, view the Academic Regulations and Calendar.

Graduate Outcomes

The New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry will equip you to:

  • Have a foundational understanding of the Bible and key theological concepts
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity when interacting with individuals and groups
  • Reflect on your own faith journey and identify areas for growth and development
  • Use knowledge to disciple others individually or in groups
  • Reflect on ministry/community contexts and identify key strengths and challenges
  • Understand and meet the specific needs of different groups (eg different ages, ethnicities, gender)
  • Apply your learning in practical ministry/community settings
  • Provide an introductory biblical framework for thinking about ministry and service.


Fees are inclusive of 15% GST, but do not include the Student Services Fee, course books, travel and health insurance, or living costs.  In addition to the tuition fees, there is a Student Services Fee of $50 per 15 credit course. Students enrolling in MS510 Te Ao Māori and/or MB630 Understanding Culture are required to also pay $67 + koha for a compulsory noho marae.

Domestic Student $809.00 per 15 credit course
Additional Costs

MS510 Te Ao Māori includes a cost of $67 + koha for a compulsory noho marae.

MF409 Learning to Live includes a field trip cost of $386

If this is your first year of tertiary study you may be eligible to get your fees paid for via the Fees Free scheme.

Key Information for Students

Compare qualifications and academic information across different New Zealand institutions.
Nathan Davidson Intermission

“Intermission has been challenging. There’s been challenge in the classroom, challenge in serving in the community, and challenge serving in churches and at Christian events. Those challenges have always invited and resulted in growth.”

– Nathan Davidson, Intermission Graduate

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