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Welcome to Carey

Nau Mai, Haere Mai! Welcome to Carey!

Here, you will study the Scriptures and theology, you will reflect on the practices of Christian ministry and you will learn about culture and the world in which we live and serve.

Study Pathways

At Carey we have a distinctive and innovative approach to theological education.

The goal is not information, but integration – and heart transformation – to participate in God’s specific mission which He is calling you to.

Find out more about our Applied Theology programmes.

Carey Graduate School

The Carey Graduate School exists to serve the Church. The School equips, forms, and develops Christian leaders for faithful service in Christian mission work and ministry in the world today.

Pastoral & Youth Leadership Training

At Carey, we are committed to providing Pastoral Leadership training of the highest quality.

If you are serious about God’s call into ministry be prepared to be challenged, transformed and equipped.

Mission Research and Formation

God’s mission includes all that God wants for the world, and the participation of God’s people in bringing it about. The whole Carey curriculum resources that mission as we study Christian faith, the contexts in which it is to be lived, and aspects of Christian practice. Alongside that learning, Carey’s Mission Track provides intentional formation for participation in God’s mission.       


Navigate the gap between school and your future, take a year and find out what God has in store for your life with our Intermission Gap-Year programme.

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Open Night

Join us and discover Carey

Open Night on Zoom 5 October 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
  • Hear from our Principal
  • Learn about our teaching team 
  • Listen to current students share 
  • Find out more about our training tracks 
  • Get answers to your questions

Study at Carey!

Four students share their journey of study at Carey.

If you have a love for learning, are passionate about ministry or just want your theology to be shaped so you are equipped to do what you want to do amongst a community of like-minded people then that’s what Carey is about!

Scholarships are available for study in 2021. Click here to find out more

Lifelong Learning


The Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning exists to support and resource the on-going professional development of both leaders and practitioners of ministry and mission. We aim to help sustain church and mission leaders with depth for longevity.

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