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Many of Carey’s course offerings can be taken as a special interest option (e.g. studying a one-off course for personal or professional interest). This includes auditing a course (participating in a course as non-credit bearing), or Special Interest Enrolment. 

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Auditing a course allows you to attend class sessions (on campus or virtually) and gain access to course materials via CareyOnline. Please note that attendance in person is required at block courses unless alternative arrangements are approved prior to the course.

  • You are not required to complete any assessment items.
  • You are welcome to join community life events on campus, including Chapel and lunches.
  • You do not have access to Carey Library resources. If you wish to access Library resources you must pay for a subscription. Please contact the Library for more information.

Audit fees are detailed on the Fees page. To enrol, please complete the below form and return to Neroli Hollis.

Special Interest Enrolment

Some of our courses (in particular our level 5 introductory courses) can be taken as one-off courses for personal or professional interest. A special interest enrolment allows you to enrol for credit in one or two courses, and does not have the expectation that you will complete a Carey qualification. Credits gained may be applied to future study in a qualification at Carey and may be eligible for cross-crediting into eligible qualifications at other institutions. 

If you would like more information about Special Interest Enrolment please contact our Academic Registrar, Neroli Hollis.

“At Carey we believe that the God of mission is at work in the world by the Spirit to renew people and places in Christ. Our calling is to equip Christian leaders with the convictions, competencies, and capacity to participate in that mission, bringing gospel renewal in churches and communities across Aotearoa and around the world.”

– John Tucker, Principal