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About Fees

Students are responsible for tuition fees, student services fee and personal expenses such as travel, medical and personal insurance, stationary, food, and  accommodation incurred during their time at Carey. In addition to general expenses, international students need to consider the cost, if required, for:

    • Visa costs, typically $250-$300
    • the English Language Proficiency Test (Academic Version), typically $385
    • Medical Insurance, typically $580 per person or $1,520 per family.

These additional costs are not administered by Carey, so the above amounts are subject to change.

For more information on tuition fees, how to pay your fees, other study costs, and important dates, view the Fees Regulations. 

2024 Fees Schedule

All fees listed below include GST and are subject to approval.


$809 per 15 credit course
Undergraduate (International)
$2,748 per 15 credit course
Audit (not for credit) per course
$320 per 15 credit course,
$640 per 30 credit course
$2,040 per 30 credit course
Postgraduate (International)
$5,376 per 30 credit course

Other Fees

$50 per 15 credit course
$30 per 30 credit course
Credit recognition from New Zealand institutions
$100 per 15 credit course
$200 per 30 credit course
Credit recognition from overseas institutions/prior learning
$200 per 15 credit course
$400 per 30 credit course

Field Trips

Noho marae (Te Ao Māori, Understanding Culture)
$67 + koha (each noho marae visit)
Certificate in Christian Ministry | Intermission field trips
(Easter Camp and additional field trip/s)

Leadership and Ministry Formation Tracks

Pastoral Leadership*
Youth Pastoral Leadership*
Ngā Pou Amorangi*
Mission Track
Youth Ministry Discovery Internship

*A fee subsidy is available for students from Baptist churches (special conditions apply).


When will I get invoiced?

You will be invoiced once your enrolment in courses is confirmed. 

When are my fees due?

You need to pay your fees seven days prior to the start of your study. If you enrol after the first day of the semester, your fees are due immediately.

If you’re an international student, studying in New Zealand, you need to pay your tuition fees in enough time for your student visa application to be issued, by the relevant start date.

Why are my fees deposited into a Public Trust account?
The New Zealand Government, under the Education and Training Act 2020 and the Student Fee Protection Rules 2021, requires Training Establishments registered with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) to protect all student fees paid to them. Therefore your fees are deposited into a trust account at the Public Trust and paid to Carey over the duration of your study in accordance with an agreed payments schedule. The Fees Regulations provide full information on the circumstances, regulations and processes relating to refunds and the Public Trust.
Can my church or employer pay my fees?

Your church or employer can pay your fees but the invoice will be addressed to you. You are responsible for payment by the due date regardless of the source of payment.

What happens to my fees if I am awarded a Carey scholarship?

If you are awarded a scholarship which includes a tuition fees rebate, then your student fees invoice will be adjusted accordingly. If the awarded scholarship is for payment of study/accommodation costs outside of tuition fees, the money will be paid directly to your nominated bank account.

Can I get a refund if I withdraw from my course or programme?

If you withdraw from a course or programme within the first two weeks of semester, you will receive a refund of your fees (minus an administration fee). After the second teaching week you may still withdraw from your course or programme but you will not be eligible for any refund. Go to CareyOnline for the relevant form.

Link to FeesFree page

Fees-free Tertiary Study

The Government provides one year of fees-free study for New Zealand citizens and some residents new to tertiary education.

Find out your eligibility for one year of fees-free study and apply early.

Link to StudyLink site

Student Loans and Allowances

Student loans and allowances are offered by StudyLink for New Zealand citizens and some residents.

Find out your eligibility for a student loan or allowance and apply early.

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We are committed to helping every student achieve the dreams and goals God has given them.

Check out our scholarships to see what you might be eligible for.

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– John Tucker, Principal