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Carey Baptist College Staff from 2021

Carey’s teaching team is a community of scholars who are at the cutting edge of integrative theology. They are highly qualified and respected academics whose research outputs have made Carey the highest ranked non-university in Aotearoa.* They are also active practitioners who are applying what they learn and teach in church, mission, and community contexts. Above all, they are followers of Jesus who want to live out their faith in authentic Christ-centred lives.

In addition to the resident staff, learning at Carey is enriched by contributions from adjunct and visiting lecturers, including international scholars, Māori Christian leaders and academics, and practitioner theologians with ministry and mission experience.

Our learning prioritises relationship, and Carey’s teachers take seriously the values of ako and whakawhanaungatanga. They take a genuine personal interest in their students and their formation, and authentic relationships develop as they sit together at lunch and share in worship and community events. Both on‑site and distance students find Carey lecturers accessible and friendships often continue long beyond a student’s time at Carey.

We have a holistic view of every student at Carey and our support staff provide care and nurture to support academic success. Inclusivity is encouraged in our community and we are deeply committed to our Tiriti journey with specific staff support for our Maori and Pasifika students.

* Performance Based Research Fund (PBRF) 2018 Quality Evaluation. In the important AQS (S) ranking (which measures the intensity of research relative to staffing numbers), Carey Baptist College was the highest ranked non-university.

Management Team

Rob Ayres

Academic Director

Rob's Profile

Chris Berry

Executive Director

Chris's Profile

Dr Andrew Picard

Director of Carey Graduate School

Andrew's Profile

Jonny Weir

Director of Ministry Training

Jonny's Profile

Academic and Teaching Staff

Bridget Barnard

Lecturer - Intermission

Bridget's Profile

Dr Phil Halstead

Lecturer - Pastoral Care

Phil's Profile

Dr Sarah Harris

Lecturer - New Testament

Sarah's Profile

Thumbnail photo of Caleb Haurua - Intermission Co-ordinator

Caleb Haurua

Intermission Co-ordinator & Lecturer

Caleb's Profile

Sam Kilpatrick

Youth Pastoral Leadership

Sam's Profile

Dr Christa McKirland

Lecturer - Systematic Theology

Christa's Profile

Staff Thumbnail - Dr Andrew Picard

Dr Andrew Picard

Lecturer - Public and Systematic Theology

Andrew's Profile

Dr Michael Rhodes

Lecturer - Old Testament

Michael's Profile

Rachel Roche

Co-ordinator, Internships & Field Education

Rachel's Profile

Dr John Tucker

Lecturer - Church History & Homiletics

John's Profile

Dr George Wieland

Lecturer - Mission

George's Profile

Peter Anderson

Adjunct Lecturer

Peter's Profile

Malcolm Gordon

Adjunct Lecturer

Malcom's Profile

Thumbnail photo of Jin McInnes - Adjunct Lecturer

Jim McInnes

Adjunct Lecturer

Jim's Profile

Professional and Student Support Staff

Morgan Dews

Ministry Programme Co-ordinator

Morgan's Profile

Neroli Hollis

Academic Registrar

Neroli's Profile

Natua Kaa-Morgan

Research Administrator

Natua's Profile

Tanya Lameta

Student Support

Tanya's Profile

Matt McKirland

Course Media Co-ordinator

Matt's Profile

Anna Schroeder

CRM Project Manager

Anna's Profile

Lorraine Tucker

Senior Administrator

Lorraine's Profile

Library Staff

Carol Fearon

Library Assistant

Carol's Profile

Siong Ng

Library Manager

Siong's Profile

Liz Tisdall


Liz's Profile

Ministry Training Team

Morgan Dews

Programme Co-ordinator

Morgan's Profile

Jess Henderson_300x300

Jess Henderson

Programme Co-ordinator

Jess's Profile

Sam Kilpatrick

Youth Pastoral Leadership

Sam's Profile

Jonny Weir

Pastoral Leadership

Jonny's Profile

Ngā Pou Amorangi Team

Rewai Te Kahu

Kaiwhakahaere, Nga Pou Amorangi Co-ordinator

Rewai's Profile

Denise Tims

Kaitautoko, Nga Pou Amorangi Administrator

Denise's Profile

Centre for Mission Research and Formation Team

Morgan Dews

Programme Co-ordinator

Morgan's Profile

Dr George Wieland

Director of the Carey Centre for Mission Research and Formation

George's Profile

Carey Centre for Lifelong Learning Team

Sarah Axford

Lifelong Learning Administrator

Sarah's Profile

Glenn Melville

Director of Lifelong Learning

Glenn's Profile