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Katie Cuttriss
Katie Cuttriss 2023

Katie Cuttriss

Intermission Co-ordinator


Katie coordinates the full-year Intermission programme alongside her husband Dan. Together, they provide intentional discipleship for a cohort of young adults. Having recently finished her own formation process at Carey, Katie looks forward to leading Intermission where students are shaped and grow as they walk with Jesus and with one another.

After several years working in youth ministry and as a high school youth worker, Katie is passionate about seeing emerging adults discover who they are made to be in Christ and finding their place in God’s world and local church.  Katie has completed her Bachelor of Applied Theology along with her Pastoral Leadership training specialising in youth. When Katie and Dan aren’t working at Carey, they are Pastors in a South Auckland Baptist Church leading the youth ministry.

“I love journeying with people! It’s a blessing to see Jesus at work in others, bringing renewal and hope through the truth of the gospel. Carey is an awesome space for formation and community. I’ve found Carey such a safe place to discern how God is calling me – I look forward to being part of that process for others!”