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Dan Cuttriss
Daniel Cuttriss 2023

Dan Cuttriss

Intermission Co-ordinator


Alongside his wife, Katie, Dan coordinates our year-long “Intermission” program. Intermission is a year of intentional formation and discipleship for a cohort of young adults. Intermission focuses on exploring Christian faith and integrating that faith into life. 

An electrician by trade, Dan is a proud Wellingtonian and has been involved in youth ministry there for many years. Pursuing a call to pastoral ministry, Dan moved to Auckland to complete his bachelor’s degree in applied theology and youth pastoral leadership at Carey. Alongside their work at Carey, Dan and Katie are youth pastors at a Baptist Church in South Auckland.

“I love journeying alongside other believers and finding ways to encourage them to express their faith in tangible ways as they join in the work that Jesus is doing around them. I get excited by opening the Bible and seeing the ways that it transforms myself and the world around me.”