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About Internships

Carey offers NZQA-accredited programmes which allow you to complete a ministry placement or internship alongside theological and biblical courses.  This internship programme has been developed to enable you to serve and learn at the same time, and will help you to reflect on and integrate your learning and practice.

You can study from wherever you are based, with field education and contextual theological praxis courses forming the basis of your internship. There are no lectures for this course. All course work is online, and you will be supported by the Programme Lead. You will be awarded credits towards your qualification for your ministry experience.

To find out more about how your ministry setting can form the basis of your internship, for help in finding an internship placement, or for any internship and field education queries contact Nicola Mountfort Griffiths.

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“At Carey we want to help you to thrive where God has called you, and also to prepare you for future ministry. Our internships are based on the reading-action-reflection model. This strives for a mutual enrichment of study and ministry to shape imaginative servants who will embody redemptive Christian leadership in their communities.” 

Nicola Mountfort Griffiths,
Field Education and Internships Programme Lead

NZ Certificate in Christian Studies

The New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies allows you to augment your ministry work in this one-semester, full-time programme (part-time options available). It is designed so that you can study alongside your internship or ministry placement, gaining valuable experience while reflecting on ‘real’ situations and applying important learning. Specialisations in child and family ministry, youth ministry, and sport chaplaincy are also available.

Youth Ministry Discovery Internship

The Youth Ministry Discovery Internship is a one-year, part-time programme designed to help you gain foundational knowledge and skills for ministry while based in your home church. You will interact with other interns around the country, receive supervision and mentoring, and get an initial theological qualification to support your work with youth.

Upon successful completion of this programme, you be awarded the NZQA-accredited New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 5).

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Children and Family Internship

The Children and Family Internship will equip you as a thoughtful, passionate, and reflective leader integrating your head, heart, and hands for the sake of the church.  Normally completed over two years, you will complete up to half your qualification in your ministry setting, while attending block courses at Carey in the area of child and family ministry.

Upon successful completion of this programme you be awarded the NZQA-accredited New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 5).

Sports Chaplaincy Internship

The Sports Chaplaincy Internship enables you to combine your passion for the game and people with a strong and robust theological foundation. The internship is a partnership between Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand and Carey and offers you the best of both theological education and sport ministry. This equips you to better navigate the complexities of pastoral care and mentoring within your sport.

Upon successful completion of this programme you be awarded the NZQA-accredited New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies (Level 5).

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Photo of Elisha Harley for quote

“The internship I completed as part of my study at Carey made a huge difference to my life. I now have a better understanding of how a church works, and what it looks like to run a ministry. The internship has given me the time and knowledge I have needed to find out what I am called to.”

– Elisha Harley, Graduate, Certificate in Christian Studies (Youth)

“At Carey we believe that the God of mission is at work in the world by the Spirit to renew people and places in Christ. Our calling is to equip Christian leaders with the convictions, competencies, and capacity to participate in that mission, bringing gospel renewal in churches and communities across Aotearoa and around the world.”

– John Tucker, Principal