Ministry Training Staff

Dr Beulah Wood

Beulah is the Programme Leader for the Ethnic Ministry Leadership Programme. A skilled and experienced communicator Beulah brings a wealth of knowledge and desire to see emerging leaders develop in their churches and mission context.

Bridget Barnard

Bridget coordinates our Intermission programme.

Dr George Wieland

George is the Director, Mission Research and Training leading the Mission Track programme.

Jonny Weir

As Director of Ministry Training Jonny has oversight of our training programme which seeks to integrate student’s theological learning with the practical skills, character and passion required in Pastoral Leadership 

Morgan Dews

Morgan is the Programme Extraordinaire for the Ministry Training Department coordinating Pastoral Leadership, Youth Pastoral Leadership, Ethnic Ministry and Mission Track.

Rachel Roche

Rachel co-ordinates our Internships and Field Education papers. She is the point person for study in Children and Family Leadership. 

Sam Kilpatrick

Sam is our Youth Pastoral Leadership Coach as well as having overall responsibility for Community Life of the College.