Carey Staff

Carey Staff

In the Shadow of Jubliee

Michael Rhodes, Lecturer in Old Testament, explores the economic rhythms of life for the people of God as laid out in Leviticus. In particular, he discusses the cyclical role of Jubilee in reminding the people to depend on the gracious gifts of God to his people.

Hope in the Wilderness

Hope in the Wilderness

Have you ever been in a place of utter hopelessness? Or maybe you are currently struggling to see a way out of the wilderness. From Isaiah 43, Carey Principal, Dr John Tucker, explores both God’s passion for the people of Israel and power to give them real hope in the midst of uncertainty and despair.

Reconnecting as Church

Carey Lecturer in Pastoral Care and Counselling, Dr Phil Halstead, discusses the intricacies and challenges of coming out of the pandemic and back to church.

“Since our contexts are different, I think we all need to pause and seek God for guidance, clarity, and courage.”


‘Emergency’ Worship for Terrorism, Tragedy and Pandemics or Worship for Real Life? Malcolm explains how we need to have a language for suffering in our worship if we are to communicate meaningfully with God, with each other, and with the world around us.

Facing Fear with Friends

“Fear is here to stay; it is the price of mission, part of the discipleship deal. What we need is a way to quieten our fears, which is not the same as getting rid of them or minimising them.”