Carey Staff

Carey Staff


‘Emergency’ Worship for Terrorism, Tragedy and Pandemics or Worship for Real Life? Malcolm explains how we need to have a language for suffering in our worship if we are to communicate meaningfully with God, with each other, and with the world around us.

Facing Fear with Friends

“Fear is here to stay; it is the price of mission, part of the discipleship deal. What we need is a way to quieten our fears, which is not the same as getting rid of them or minimising them.”

Carey – A Forerunner for Change?

Dr Sandy Kerr, Carey’s Kaiārahi-Rangahau Māori, looks back over the last five years at Carey and describes some of the incredible changes that have taken place as we attempt to embody the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Growth Groups

Dr Phil Halstead, who teaches pastoral care, has been inspired by some new ideas around the old small group concept. He asks, what if we were to develop groups with upward, inward and outward movement?