Carey Staff

Carey Staff

Carey – A Forerunner for Change?

Dr Sandy Kerr, Carey’s Kaiārahi-Rangahau Māori, looks back over the last five years at Carey and describes some of the incredible changes that have taken place as we attempt to embody the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Spiritual Growth Groups

Dr Phil Halstead, who teaches pastoral care, has been inspired by some new ideas around the old small group concept. He asks, what if we were to develop groups with upward, inward and outward movement?

Robust Leaders

Carey Baptist College exists to serve the church by developing leaders for ministry and mission. What core qualities are needed for leaders to be robust and effective in today’s world? Jonny Weir (Carey’s Ministry Training Director) and Sam Kilpatrick (Youth Ministry Coordinator) argue that there are three essential elements to robust leadership.

Looking Back to go Forward with Hope

Like never before we need to dig deep, figure out who we are as a body of believers, and call on the past to lead us into the future. Rachel Roche led Franklin Baptist Church through an appreciate process – what could other churches learn from this process?

The Sheer Absurdity of God’s Goodness

“In a recent reflection on Phil 2:6-11 the sheer absurdity of God’s goodness has struck me afresh” writes Dr Christa McKirland. How much more so should we leverage our arbitrarily allocated advantages for the sake of others who are disadvantaged if Jesus leveraged his advantages on behalf of a humanity that actively rebelled against him?

Integrative Theology as Mission

Integrative Theology as Mission

Theology not only seeks to know things, it seeks to do things too. We seek to understand God and all things in God for the sake of more faithful participation in God’s mission.Our students are developing a range of fascinating research projects, like Denise Tims (pictured) who is researching Christian community-led development in South Auckland based on the great work she and husband Dave have been doing with Urban Neighbours of Hope.