2021 Postgraduate courses

Theology, Race and Church

The rise of the #blacklivesmatter movement and protests about racism around the world raise important issues for theology and the church, not least because of the church’s entanglement in the construction of the modern racial condition.

This course examines historical and contemporary misappropriations of theology in the development of current racial issues, and explores the biblical and theological possibilities for a gospel‑centred account of the church’s anti‑racial witness to God’s kingdom. The aim is to understand contemporary global and national issues, and examine possibilities for the church’s faithful witness to God in the face of racism.

Taught by Dr Christa McKirland & Andrew Picard


Full year, Block delivery (On campus Blocks)

27 – 29 April (plus monthly Zoom classes)

Kingdom Economics

The full impact of COVID‑19 upon global and local economies is not yet known, but we do know it will have a significant financial impact upon churches, organisations and nations. This course will provide a rigorous exploration of Old and New Testament biblical texts that address theological economics, and explore a selection of contemporary economic theories, in order to shape our imaginations for economic decision‑making. We will also sit at the table with Christian leaders and entrepreneurs to learn from those who lead creatively and courageously. The aim is to resource you and your church to form creative and courageous responses to the current crisis.

Taught by Dr Sarah Harris & Dr Michael Rhodes


Full year, Block delivery (On campus Blocks)

19 – 21 April (plus monthly Zoom classes)

Discipleship and Gospel Transformation

It is often said that if you get the gospel wrong, you get everything wrong. In conversation with N.T. Wright we will ask: What, then, is the gospel? Likewise, in conversation with Dietrich Bonhoeffer we will be asking: What are the measures of discipleship? And in conversation with John Wesley we will ask: How then can we design churches to produce people who embody kingdom holiness, where holiness is in part love of neighbour and neighbourhood? The aim is to retool Christian leaders, churches and their wider communities for the revolution that Jesus began.

Taught by Mick Duncan


Full year, Block delivery (On campus Blocks)

3 – 5 May & 26 – 28 August

Intercultural Bible Reading

Global migration is transforming New Zealand. How can the Bible equip us to live and minister cross‑culturally? This course brings theory and practice together in an exploration of what happens when a variety of groups representing various ethnicities and situations read and respond to the same Bible passages.

Together we’ll facilitate those encounters, record the conversations, and analyse the results. In the process, we’ll discover insights about the Bible, about its readers, and about the different ways in which it is heard and takes effect in those readers’ lives and communities.

Through all this your understanding of others and of yourself will deepen and you’ll cultivate the dispositions and skills for fruitful intercultural community and ministry.

Taught by Dr George Wieland


11 – 13 March & 5 – 7 August

Research Methods in Applied Theology

It is commonly said that the researcher is the main research instrument, shaping every aspect of a research project. Carey’s research methods course encourages self‑reflexivity in order to understand your impact as the researcher while you shape a research project applied to a real‑world issue of importance to you.

The class will engage with a wide range of research practitioners, learning from their experience and together critically examining research methods across the traditional Christian disciplines and their intersection with related disciplines.

You will design a research project that integrates different types of knowledge in order to inform the thriving of God’s church and world, and be ready to conduct your own research project within a rich and diverse community of Christian researchers at Carey.

Taught by Dr Sandy Kerr & Dr George Wieland


Full year, Block delivery (On campus Blocks)

18 & 19 March & 20 – 22 September and 23 September (Research Conference)

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