Inner Healing

Inner Healing


Block Course

28 April – 1 May & 31 August – 4 September 2020

Inner Healing

Who hasn’t been hurt by others? Who hasn’t struggled to process their own wounds? Have you ever wondered how people’s inner lives affect their relationships and ministries? Have you ever wanted to live a better life and find ways to assist others to do the same but not known how to do so? Would you like to prevent so-called small psychological and emotional wounds from becoming larger ones? Have you ever been stuck internally and not known how to move beyond your deep internal wounds?

This course directly addresses these and numerous other key questions and issues. It offers a theological and psychological study of the theory, practice, and implications of Christian inner healing. It is founded on the belief that Jesus liberates persons from a broad range of psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual wounds. The course is designed to ground students in the theory and practice of Christian inner healing, as well as deepen the understanding of those already involved in this important ministry.

Dates & Costs

28 April – 1 May & 31 August – 4 September 2020

Carey Baptist College, 473 Great South Road, Penrose

* 28 April and 30 April are full days; 29 April & 1 May are Mornings only

** 31 August is a full day, 1-4 September are Mornings only

$320.00 Audit | $1879.00 for credit of full course

Full attendance is compulsory. 

This course is taught as part of the Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Theology and the  Master of Applied Theology degree at Carey Graduate School

Lecturer – Dr Phil Halstead

Dr Phil Halstead lectures in Applied Theology with a focus on pastoral care, pastoral counselling, inner healing, and integrative theology.

He also heads up the pastoral care department at St Augustine’s, Auckland.

He received his PhD in Theology from the University of Auckland in 2009 and his research focused on designing and running a series of forgiveness courses that helped adults to explore their relationships with their parents. He has published widely in the areas of forgiveness, pastoral care and counselling, and mental health.

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