Psalms and Creativity

Psalms and Creativity

Finding Inspiration and Expression

By Kassidy Kinvig – Tearfund

We all have something meaningful to say, we all have a voice and there are so many ways to express yourself – whether it’s through poetry, music, writing, painting, dancing or even building.

For David, the Psalms were his form of expression; one that God used to speak something significant to the world.

The Psalms are a demonstration of praising God, of crying out to Him, of lamenting, of trusting, of worshiping Him in all seasons. They take us on a journey the same way music does. I love to do this in my service in Equippers worship team.

Just as David played his harp and soothed the soul of King Saul when he was troubled (1 Samuel 16), we have physically seen people’s self-harm scars disappear from their skin when they listen to the Equippers Revolution song, ‘Scars’. Music can heal and empower us, or even transport us back to a memory.

God wants to use us to do something specific, just as he used obedient worshippers like David.

God has asked us all to connect to him through music. He doesn’t care if we can’t sing or dance or have no musical talent at all, but he asks us to dance like David danced, sing and play and worship like David did, He wants use that as inspiration to praise in our own way. (2 Sam 6).

This is where the Psalm conference brings me so much excitement. I love that there is a space for people to express their creativity, to learn how to practically do this, to worship together with other creatives, and to be inspired as we see the Psalms come to life in our own walk with God.

It is powerful to let the combination of our own experiences and the word of God shape our expression.  I do this through writing; I love to share a message of hope through songs.

Another way that I have love to worship is through my work at Tearfund. It is an opportunity for me to walk out the Psalms in my daily life through compassion and faith, and helping others to be transformed by hope and opportunity. There’s a cry for justice throughout the Psalms that I’m inspired by.

I am excited to be teaching a songwriting and singing workshop at the Psalms conference.  I know that what we create in these spaces of learning together will only be the beginning of a new form of worship to God.

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Join us for our three-day conference in July exploring how the Psalms can inspire Christian worship and shape God’s people here in Aotearoa. The conference will gather a range of Christian leaders including students, pastors, worship leaders, scholars, musicians, poets, and creatives to explore the Bible’s songbook and prayerbook.

You don’t want to miss this!


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