Serving on Waiheke

Serving on Waiheke

Roi Nu Maran

Kia ora. My name is Roi Nu Maran and I am a Pastor of the Waiheke Island Baptist, campus of Windsor Park Baptist Church.

I graduated from Pastoral Leadership Training at Carey Baptist College in 2017 and recently received my Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Theology. Since I finished Pastoral Leadership Training, I have been enormously privileged to serve the people of Waiheke.  There have been a lot of things to do but it has been really encouraging to see a number of new people joining the church and the development of new leadership as people have stepped up and taken hold of new roles that we have created, e.g. new worship leaders, a women’s group leader, a men’s group leader, prayer leaders, and home group leaders. We are extremely grateful to the leadership of Windsor Park as well. We love doing life and faith together.

One of the good ways in which Carey has equipped me for ministry is to give me greater confidence because of the competency I have developed in my areas of study. Not only has Carey given me the biblical and ministry related knowledge that I need to lead well, but it has also helped shape my character so that I’m able to carry out my responsibilities as a Pastor.

For example, when I am preaching on the Old Testament or any theological topic, I have a good fund of Biblical knowledge that I can draw upon.  When I am conducting a wedding or a funeral or sitting with a family who are grieving, I am able to be professionally and compassionately present because I’ve been trained to do so in a natural and appropriate way.

Carey Baptist College has definitely made a big difference in my life so that in turn I can impact the life of others. If this is what you are looking for, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to you.

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