Māori at Carey

ngā ākonga māori

nau mai, haere mai ki te kareti iriiri ō carey

At Carey we aspire to be a community of faith and learning where Māori are participating, teaching, and learning as Māori, and playing a part in enabling the flourishing of a rich diversity of cultures in our life together in Christ.

Our commitment to Māori is based on our desire to understand what living by Te Tiriti means for us all in this Christian learning community. We seek to address the historic and present injustices that still impede the flourishing of tangata whenua and acknowledge te reo Māori, tikanga Māori, and Māori ways of being, relating, and knowing as treasures for all the people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Te Ao Māori is a compulsory subject at Carey, enabling all students to employ Te Ao Māori concepts in contemporary church, mission, and community-based contexts.

Our Tiriti hikoi (Treaty journey) has led us to reshape our internal leadership, campus environment, research foci, leadership training, and our community life together. In addition, Māori students are supported at Carey through:

Nga Pou Amorangi

Preparing to serve and thrive as Māori

Ngā Pou Amorangi is a Māori leadership initiative designed to open a space for Christians to fully explore what it means to be Māori and Christian – and in the process of exploration, to prepare to serve confidently in Māori contexts and beyond. 

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Dr Sandy Kerr

Dr Sandy Kerr, Te Kaiārahi-Rangahau Māori

Sandy guides Māori students undertaking postgraduate study and research at Carey.

Sandy is located in the Te Whare Oranga and can be contacted at [email protected] or 021 914 888.

Denise Tims

Te Kahui Whakaruruhau o Carey

The Māori advisory group) and Te Umu Tirama (Māori lecturers) provide teaching, guidance, advice, and facilitation of Māori programmes at Carey.

Study Scholarships

Annual Māori scholarships to help with tuition fees.