Postgraduate Courses

Develop new knowledge and challenge your thinking to become more effective in your context

Carey’s postgraduate courses are taught as part of the Carey Graduate School. Designed to equip and develop thinking practitioners, scholars and leaders the School offers the qualifications of Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Theology, Master of Applied Theology and our Master of Philosophy (in conjunction with AUT).

Please note that not all courses are offered every year.

We recommend you view the Academic Calendar for full details of when each course is offered, pre-requisites, credits and any restrictions.

MA801 Research Methods in Applied Theology

This course is designed to support postgraduate students in developing a research project in Applied Theology, and to assist them in defining their mode of enquiry. The first part of the course focuses on students identifying a research programme using their own professional, voluntary, or pastoral practice, as the foundation. The second part looks at a range of theoretical perspectives on research generally, as well as perspectives specific to their own research project. The third part of the course moves onto specific operational aspects of the research process. From this grounding in research issues and techniques students will plan a research topic through to the credit of designing a research instrument. This does not commit students to that topic in their ongoing studies. However it does place them in a good position to move into their thesis work.

Throughout this course students are exposed to structures that provide both practical and spiritual support for the researcher. In light of this students will develop their own supportive research environment.

MA805 Inner Healing

This course offers a theological and psychological study of the theory, practice, and implications of Christian inner healing. It is founded on the belief that Jesus liberates persons from a broad range of psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual wounds. The course is designed to ground students in the theory of Christian inner healing, as well as deepen the understanding of those already involved in this important ministry.


Palestine in the time of Jesus


This course takes place onsite in Israel and Palestine where we journey through historical sites relevant particularly to the New Testament. This course is primarily focused on historical concerns and it addresses text in its historical and geographical context. Preparatory work will take place through assigned topics addressing places and people from the biblical story; we will then become teachers of one another as we are guided around archaeological sites. The onsite component is a two week guided journey to: Caesarea, Megiddo, Elijah’s Cave, Acre, the Galilee, the Golan Heights, Bet She’an, Qumran, Masada, the Dead Sea, Tel Salata (ancient Shechem), Samaritan Village, Jacob’s Well, Sebastia, Bethlehem, and several days in Jerusalem. Email Sarah Harris for more details [email protected] Limited places are available.

 MA824 Special Topic: Christian Mission in a Changing World

This course studies a particular Mission topic. Aspects that might be explored include history, theology, method and practice of mission, and mission in particular contexts.


Special Topic (Theology): Being Human

25 – 28 June Block Course

Dr Marc Cortez

The significance of Christology for understanding humans. What does it really mean to say that Jesus reveals what it means to be truly human? And what difference does that make for how we understand specific issues like the image of God, embodiment, free will, sexuality race and more.

This course will guide students through the most challenging issues that face anyone attempting to deal with the subject of theological anthropology and what this means for ministry and mission in today’s world.

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Special Topic:

Holy Spirit – Leadership and Practice

9 – 11 July and 17-19 September Block Course

Dr Frank D. Macchia (Vanguard University)

This Block Course provides the opportunity to engage in an ongoing, in-depth, sustained study of the life of the Holy Spirit within the Bible, theology, and Christian history that will transform your approach to leadership, church, ministry, and life.

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 MB636 Research Essay

The Research Essay provides students with an opportunity to undertake an in-depth study of a topic or issue in Applied Theology under the guidance of a supervisor. The topic will normally be in an area that the student wishes to explore but is outside the scope of available courses in the academic programme. The student will acquire specialist knowledge of a specific field of Applied Theological study and develop skills in research, the evaluation of evidence and the articulation of ideas.

The Research Essay is a maximum length of 15,000 words including footnotes and excluding bibliography.

 MA903 Thesis

The thesis is a scholarly piece of written work that reports on the findings of theoretical, practical, or empirical investigation into a defined area of applied theology conducted by the student under supervision. Undertaking a thesis provides students with an opportunity to do original in-depth research at Masters level. Students will engage in a supervised investigation of a topic of their interest. Students are expected to be self-directed in their studies and to produce an account of their research which equates to internationally recognized standards.