Who We Are

At Carey we have a distinctive and innovative approach to theological education. The goal is not information, but integration—and transformation—for the sake of participation in the mission of God.

So, at Carey, you will study the Scriptures and theology; you will reflect on the practices of Christian ministry; and you will learn about culture and the world in which we live and serve. But, crucially, you will also learn how to integrate these insights by studying with lecturers who are known for their excellent scholarship and their personal commitment to ministry and mission.

Theological study is not an individual journey. It is best done in community. At Carey, you will not only find lecturers who are approachable and genuinely care about you and your formation. You will also enter into a warm, supportive, and diverse learning community.

Our students range in age from 18 to 74. They include some who are looking to deepen their faith and discipleship, others who are responding to a call into pastoral ministry or mission, and still others who, as experienced leaders, are simply wanting to enhance their ministry.

Whatever your calling, training at Carey will give depth and energy to your leadership and service. Our prayer is that as you feed on God’s word, reflect on God’s work, and study God’s world, you will not just collect information, but experience integration, transformation, and ultimately greater participation in the mission of God.

John Tucker



Our Values


Evangelical in Our Identity

Carey is founded on the word of God. The living Word (Jesus) is our focus and the written word (Scripture) is our basis.

Integrated in Our Practice

We are committed to being an honest, transparent and accountable community.

Authentic Christian character is a priority and so is the development of fully integrated people; may the gaps between our heads and our hearts and our hands will be small.

Innovative with Our Development

We recognise that while convictions need not change, techniques must. We will be at the ‘cutting edge’, being creative and courageous in the way we learn together. We are continually prepared to take risks.

Excellence in Our Performance

We aim to be the best we can be. All of us, in all that we do, are continually stretching beyond mediocrity.

Accessible to Our Constituency

While we primarily serve the Baptist Churches of New Zealand we celebrate diversity. We want to be inclusive. A person’s age, gender, church background, ethnicity, or geographical location is no barrier to belonging to our academic community.


Relational in Our Approach

We value harmony within the community. We aim at relational leadership that empowers staff and students alike to be part of the direction of Carey. We reject unnecessary competition and we are committed to developing strategic networks with other tertiary institutes.