Your Year of Intermission

NZQF Level: 4
NZQF Credits: 120
Duration: 1 year full-time
Intakes: February
Study Options: On-site, full-time

Your year of Intermission will focus on three different components; discipleship, vocation, and study.

Successful completion of the academic components in the Intermission programme will lead to the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (NZQA Accredited) which is recognised by other tertiary institutions.

Programme Outline

We focus on discipleship, vocation, and study. Students learn through a process of action and reflection, you learn something, try to apply it, reflect on it and try again!

As part of this you will serve a local church or community group to apply your learning throughout the year, as well as checking out ministry or vocation opportunities through group placements and field trips. 

You will also do academic papers, just like Uni or tech, which look at a range of topics from social issues, worldview, theology, and Te Ao Maori leading to the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Ministry (Level 4). This can then be cross-credited to further study if you wish to.

The courses you’ll study are:

MB421 Christian Worldview

MB430 Exploring God’s Word

MF402 Making Life Work

MF478 Faith Engaging Social Issues

MF409 Learning to Live

MM581 Mission of God

MS510 Te Ao Maori

For more information on these courses read the Academic Regulations and Calendar

Unique Aspects

You’ll learn to pray more deeply for the world around you, gain insight into ministry opportunities through community placements, and you will be challenged by both local and national field trips.

You’ll be a part of a small supportive, tight knit group of other students also studying Intermission and take part in formation time every Tuesday from  9 – 11am.

You’ll receive supportive pathways to independence, including one-on-one mentoring.

You’ll also get an introduction to tertiary level tools of learning and develop skills in research, critical thinking, writing, and presentations as well as engagement with academic scholars.

Your year will also include all of these components:

Prayer nights | Reflective practice | Meals and Hang-outs | Carey conversation | Faith & Social Issues | Spiritual Formation | Mission of God | Short Term Exposure Trip | Mentoring | home church placement | Hands-on community placements | Exploring God’s Story | Te Ao Maori | World View | Retreats

Programme Objectives

The Carey Certificate in Christian Ministry will equip you to:

  • Have a foundational understanding of the Bible and key theological concepts
  • Demonstrate cultural awareness and sensitivity when interacting with individuals or groups 
  • Reflect on your own faith journey and identify areas for growth and development 
  • Use knowledge to disciple others individually or in groups 
  • Reflect on ministry/community contexts and identify key strengths and challenges 
  • Understand and meet the specific needs of different groups (eg different ages, ethnicities, gender) 
  • Apply your learning in practical ministry/community settings 
  • Provide an introductory biblical framework for thinking about ministry and service 

And a number of transferable skills.

Entry Requirements

Admission to the Intermission programme is open to full-time both domestic and international students.

Normal Admission: Applicants must have achieved one of the following:

  • National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA):
    • A minimum of 42 credits at Level 3 or higher on the National Qualifications Framework
  • a minimum of 8 credits in English at Level 2 (or higher); 4 credits must be in reading and 4 credits in writing
  • a grade of C or higher in each of 3 subjects in New Zealand University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships (NZUEBS) examinations.

For Special Admission and full information please see the Academic Regulations and Calendar.

Transfer from other Programmes
Students who have completed courses at other institutions may be eligible for cross-credits or recognition of current competency.


How big is the group?

Where is it?

How academic is it?

What kinds of transferrable skills are you talking about?

Contact the Intermission Coordinator for more information

Alumni Stories

Reuben Wareing

I was coming in expecting something academic but its completely knocked me out of the water. Its so much more than just the study. Its kind of like a lifestyle you adopt for a year.

Its definitely challenged me in my faith and engaging with people and God