Student Services Fee

Compulsory Student Service Fees (CSSF) Information for Students


What is the Student Services Levy?

It is a compulsory non-tuition fee that is charged to students enrolled at Carey. The levy was first introduced in 2013 to contribute to the provision of quality student services that support learning. The funds received by Carey from the levy are ring-fenced, meaning they can only be spent on Student Services.


How much is the levy in 2020?

$320 per year for a student enrolled in a full time programme and $40 per course for a student enrolled in a part time programme.


Can I borrow the levy on my Student Loan?

Yes, because it is a compulsory levy.


Is the levy refundable within the tuition fee refund period?

If you completely withdraw from all courses within the full tuition fee refund period the Student Services Levy will be refunded in full.


Is there an option to opt out of the student services levy?

No. The Student Services Levy is a compulsory fee. It is not related to membership of the Carey Student Association.


Can students still join Carey Student Association?

Students are given an option to join the Carey Student Association when they enrol.


What does the levy cover?

The Student Services Levy helps to fund services that are not covered by tuition fees, such as counselling (including chaplaincy services), health services, financial support and advice, career guidance, student advocacy, sport, recreation and cultural events, and student representation.

In 2020 this was specifically targeted as follows:


Staffing costs associated with non-academic counselling and pastoral care

Staffing costs associated with mentoring of students to assist with learning and cultural issues

Student support/crisis fund

Provision and Maintenance of the Sick Bay

Charge to cover cost of providing and maintaining the sick bay

Costs associated with child care

Levy for maintenance of sport equipment (not covered by Student Association)

Charge to cover cost of providing and maintaining the student Rec Room & Equipment


What if I don’t need all of the services funded through this levy?

The services provided have been determined upon the overall needs for the student community. Even if a particular student does not use all of the services available, they are liable to pay the levy to support the provision of these services.


How does Carey know that students need all of these services?

To ensure the money is spent on services valued by students, the Carey Student Association is consulted through the President.


How do students give Carey feedback on the Services?

Students give feedback in formal evaluations of services (eg student experience surveys, course and programme surveys), through student representatives on the Academic Committee and Carey Board, through social media such as Facebook, and through direct feedback to Carey staff.


Will students still have input into the way their money is being spent?

Carey is committed to ensuring that students still have a say in how their money is spent, and we will work in partnership with the Carey Student Association through its President, to ensure consultation occurs.

The Executive Director initially meets with the Student President to discuss the services needed by students. The Student President then seeks specific feedback from students on both the services and proposed allocation of the levy to these services through the Facebook group and in person at student lunches. Feedback is channelled back to the Executive Director through the Student President. This is  considered alongside any feedback received by the Academic Director through the course evaluation process and student focus groups.


Where do I find out more about the Levy?

If you have any questions about this, please contact Chris Berry, Executive Director, [email protected].