Morgan Dews

Programme Coordinator, Ministry Training


Working at Carey allows me the opportunity to walk alongside some of this country’s most incredible existing and upcoming leaders, which is such a privilege.

I have a heart for seeing people grow and develop into who they have been created to be. I love journeying with people through the raw realness of life and what it means to be a Child of God.

I have grown up in the church, was a pastor’s kid for the first 24years of my life and have been involved in various church leadership roles during this time.

My formal training was in Nursing and I worked as a Paediatric Nurse for 7 years before coming to Carey. I have Event Management and Administration experience scattered throughout as well. I also do Birth and Newborn Photography on the side.

I love coffee dates, movies, crocheting, painting, reading, cheese platters and just food in general!

Contact Details

Phone: 09 526 6590

Email: [email protected]