Youth Pastoral Leadership


What is Youth Pastoral Leadership Training?

Today’s world needs leaders who are theologically and biblical trained, can engage with their context, and who are deeply passionate about the potential of influencing youth to be life long followers of Jesus.

At Carey we are committed to training you as this kind of Pastoral Leader.

You will enter a personalised and specialised programme that is rigorous, demanding, and transformational.

Where can Youth Ministry Training Take You?

Our Graduates include people who are in full-time ministry as Youth Pastors, Associate Pastors, and people who are key leaders within youth ministry and community based youth organisations.

Wherever God is calling you, get equipped and trained with a solid foundation of robust Biblical theology, a foundation of core Pastoral skills surrounded by a strong supportive cohort and experienced trainers.

Programme Summary

Carey’s Youth Pastoral Leadership Training provides intentional development of the student’s Biblical knowledge, spiritual life, self-awareness, leadership and communication skills.

Experienced practitioners work alongside students, mentoring and supervising them through personalised development tracks.

Local churches work alongside Carey and offer annual and summer placements as “hands on” experience to build ministry skills and confidence.

All of the learning is constantly enhanced by peer group experiences, where students support and encourage each other as they grow together in pastoral ministry.

Programme Objectives

Upon completion graduates will be able to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Develop the attitudes and skills necessary for ministry and leadership.
  • Reflect theologically on ministry experiences and develop their own philosophy of ministry.
  • Integrate their theoretical knowledge, ministry practice, and relational experiences.
  • Grow in Christian character and spirituality.
  • Identify and develop their strengths.
  • Recognise and attend to their weaknesses.
  • Set and achieve appropriate and realistic ministry goals.
  • Develop and engage in missional practices.
  • Develop good habits of Christian self-care and time-management.
  • Establish and utilise accountability and support networks

Why Youth Pastoral Leadership?

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Alumni Stories

Abagail Füllemann

Youth Minister, Papakura East Presbyterian

I would recommend the YPL track at Carey for anyone who wants to work with youth. It is challenging but very rewarding; it sets you up for ministry and gives you lifelong relationships with others in youth ministry.


Alumni Stories

Dan Marshall

Youth Pastor, Glen Eden Baptist Church

Now that I’m in ministry I reflect back on my training at Carey and realise that Carey prepared me for all of the things I did not expect about being a Youth Pastor.

The ministry skills and experiences I received during the Youth Pastoral Leadership Training gave me the tools to put that knowledge into meaningful practice.

I feel that Carey and Youth Pastoral Leadership Training is a must for anyone working with teens.