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Welcome to the New Zealand Baptist Archive

The Archive seeks to acquire, preserve, manage and make accessible to everyone archives collected from the family / whanau of New Zealand Baptists.

We provide a rich archival resource for better understanding the New Zealand Baptist Christian faith community, and provide a framework for exploring the collected memory of our individual, local, and national New Zealand Baptist identity.

The collection includes archives from New Zealand Baptist – churches, the Missionary Society, Union, Associations, Community Ministries, Carey Baptist College, and groups currently or formerly part of the NZ Baptist Union.

Services we Offer

Archiving & Collecting

We partner with New Zealand Baptist organisations in collecting and archiving all types of archives. View our Archiving web page or an overview of our Collection


You can come in person to view the archives (without charge). We’re located at the Ayson Clifford library at Carey Baptist College.

If you’re out of town – check out our online catalogue – and contact us – we provide research services (charge schedule)

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The Baptist Archive Catalogue

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Our earliest archives are from 1851.