Visas and Insurance

Visa Requirements

The New Zealand Government requires that an international applicant must obtain a student visa through the nearest New Zealand embassy or consulate or through an Immigration New Zealand (INZ) office in New Zealand before they can be enrolled to study at Carey.

Therefore, all international applicants are required to hold and provide evidence of a current student visa, visa approval notification, or in the case of a pathway student visa, their letter from Immigration New Zealand. The above must be presented to the Academic Registrar to complete the enrolment process.

To fulfill visa requirements an international applicant may not undertake less than 60 credits in any semester, unless they are completing a programme and are in their final semester of study.

If an international applicant wishes to study part-time and holds a work visa they must first obtain a “Variation of Condition” through an INZ office in New Zealand. This must then be presented to the Academic Registrar to complete the enrolment process.

All costs associated with obtaining a student visa must be met by the student; see Fees Schedule and Regulations in the for more information.

For more information regarding visas please visit,

Change of visa status

If there is any change to an international student’s visa or status while enrolled at Carey they are required to notify the Academic Registrar immediately.

Visa no longer valid

If an international student no longer meets the requirements of the Immigration Act 1987, in that they no longer hold a valid current visa, this is considered grounds for dismissal; please refer to the Student Misconduct and Disciplinary Policy & Procedure (Page 39) in the Academic Regulations and Calendar for more information.

Medical insurance

Carey also requires that all international applicants have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance that complies with the Code of Practice for International Students for the duration of their studies in New Zealand.

Please note that international students are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand, and may be liable for the full costs of any medical treatment they receive while in New Zealand. However, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) may provide insurance for accident related injuries.

For full details on the entitlements to publicly funded health services, please visit the Ministry of Health website, For further information regarding accident insurance please visit the ACC website,

All costs associated with obtaining medical and travel insurance must be met by the student; see Fees Schedule and Regulations for more information.

Granted residency

If granted residency while enrolled at Carey, the student must notify the Academic Registrar.

Once residency has changed the student will no longer be charged international fees and they may be eligible for a refund. Please note that refunds are only available for fees paid in advance for semesters following the change in status, students will not be eligible for a refund for the semester during which the change of status occurred. The date of change will be taken from the “Resident Visa” in their passport.

Once the “Resident Visa” is received in their passport the student must provide an officially certified copy along with the personal details page of their passport to the Academic Registrar.

Attendance Requirements

If studying at Carey under a student visa attendance will be monitored with special vigilance. This includes active logging of directed Library study/reading for all international students. If an international student is in danger of failing to meet the minimum attendance requirement of 80% they will be informed in a timely manner.

Once an international student has been informed, if their attendance continues to fall below 80%, then Carey is obligated to inform Immigration New Zealand and take disciplinary measures, one of which may be dismissal.

Working and Studying

You may be able to work while you study, depending on your visa. Click on this link from the Department of Immigration to find out more about the options of working and studying.

Immigrant and Student Exploitation

New Zealand is a free democratic country who’s laws ensure that everyone (including immigrants and international students) are treated with respect, and are safe from exploitation.

If you have the right to work in New Zealand (see section on Working and Studying) then you are entitled to the same rights as New Zealand workers and it is a crime for any employer to exploit you.

Visit the Immigration New Zealand website for more information.