A Gift in Your Will

Leaving a gift in your will to Carey is a way for you to “pass the baton on” to the next generation of Christian Leaders. Also known as “leaving a bequest” it is a gift that will be treasured by Carey and will make a lasting impact for years to come.

Your gift will be used to make transformational change in the lives of our students, as they engage in deep learning of the Bible, theology, and grow in their love for Jesus. Their impact will be felt far and wide as many continue on to serve as Pastors and Leaders in our churches, or impact their communities, businesses.

How Can you leave a Gift in your Will?

This can be done through your lawyer or solicitor. We suggest the following wording could be used:

I GIVE the sum of XXX to Carey Baptist College “Carey” for the benefit of Carey provided that if before my death (or after my death but before the Trustees have given effect to the gift in question) Carey has changed its name or has amalgamated with or transferred all of its assets to any other body then the Trustees shall give effect to the gift as if it had been made (in the first case) to the body in its changed name or (in the second case) to the body which results from such amalgamation or to which the transfer has been made.

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