Celebration of Scholarship Evening

7pm, Thursdsay 20 September 2018

Part of the CGS Research Conference 2018


Carey faculty regularly make academic contributions to important discussions and issues across the range of theological disciplines. Join us as we launch a number of ground breaking books written by faculty and celebrate other important publications written by faculty.

Listen to an interview with Derek McCormack, Vice-Chancellor of AUT University, and hear from the authors and international scholars.

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Details of the Evening

Supper, tea and coffee will be provided.

Starting 7pm

Carey Dining Room

Carey Baptist College

Please RSVP to: [email protected] by 17th September 2018

Books Being Launched

Ecclesial Recognition with Hegelian Philosophy, Social Psychology & Continental Political Theory | Dr Timothy Lim

Ecclesial Recognition proffers a framework for churches to accept the legitimacy and authenticity of each other as the Church in the dialogical process towards fuller communion. Typically, ‘recognition’ and its reception investigate theologically the sufficiency of creeds as ecumenical statements of unity, the agreeability of essential sacramentality of the church, and the recognition of its ministries as the churches’ witness of the gospel. This monograph conceives ecclesial recognition as an intersubjective dynamics of inclusion and exclusion amid identity formation and consensus development, with insights from Hegelian philosophy, group social psychology, and the Frankfurt School Axel Honneth’s political theory.

The Art of Forgiveness | Dr Phil Halstead and Dr Myk Habets

Forgiveness is at the heart of the Christian Gospel. It goes hand in hand with love, mercy, and grace, the fundamental theological virtues. However, forgiveness is easier to define than it is to embody. This unique collection of essays brings together theologians, ethicists, and ministry practitioners into a constructive dialogue which explores the complex and crucial concept of forgiveness: what it is, where it is to be found, and how it might be practiced. Forgiveness is an art and not simply a science; as such it requires trust, skill, and hope alongside love, mercy, and grace if it is to be embodied.


How I Changed my Mind about Women in Leadership: 20+ Indian leaders speak | Edited by Dr Beulah Wood

This book is a powerful, practical and timely compilation about gender interdependence in leadership. Twenty plus evangelical leaders both women and men have reflected on the subject from their own practical experiences. It is fresh in its approach, not dwelling on the issues of women’s ordination or utopianising women’s place and role in leadership.

Heaven: An Inkling of What’s to Come | Dr Myk Habets

What if heaven is more real, physical, exciting, and compelling than anything we have ever heard? And what difference would it make? Myk Habets takes readers on a journey of discovery into what God has in store for those who love him. Forget playing harps on fluffy clouds. The reality of what God has in store for us will change the way you live, work, and play. Habets answers a series of questions about heaven that are asked by children and addresses things we all want to know but are often too afraid to ask.

Text Messages: Preaching God’s Word in a Smartphone World | Edited by Dr John Tucker

Facebook. Twitter. Snapchat. We live in a rapidly changing world, a world that seems to be increasingly inhospitable toward preaching. In the face of digital technology, social media, cultural pluralism, and pastoral burnout, how can Christian preachers proclaim the gospel faithfully and effectively? This book answers that question by bringing together a selection of important voices from across North America, Asia, and the Pacific.


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