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What is CareyLocal?

Learn, grow, and be transformed – wherever you are!

CareyLocal is an exciting new initiative designed to build biblical foundations for church volunteers, ministry and mission leaders, and anyone wanting to grow in their discipleship.

Courses include theology, biblical studies, pastoral care, and mission. Students will spend one evening a week in a cohort of ten or more people, learning with a Carey lecturer in a Level 5 course for credit. This way of learning allows students to participate in the learning together as a cohort, and engage with their teacher online. The teacher will guide students through material, provide opportunities for discussion and reflection, and facilitate wider conversations across the cohorts around the country.

Distance Student engaging with Lecturer

CareyLocal can be joined from your church site, someone’s home, or somewhere else in your community, wherever the cohort is located in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Since students will be completing the course for credit, they will be required to submit assignments. Students will spend two hours a week at the evening session, and can expect to commit a further seven hours a week to reading and preparing for lectures and assignments. Students can choose to go on to complete a Certificate, Diploma, or even a Bachelors degree!

Studying with Carey will transform students from the inside out, deepen their understanding of the gospel, widen their perspective, and energise them to make a difference in their own community, as they engage in God’s mission.

What is study for credit?

Studying for credit is completing an NZQA-accredited course including all assessments. The course can then be credited towards an approved NZQA qualification. Students will spend two hours a week at the evening session, and can expect to commit a further seven hours a week to reading and preparing for lectures and assignments. In each course students will normally be given three assessment tasks. These can be a combination of online tasks, online forum participation, and/or written tasks and essays. These assessments are spread over the 17-week semester and are uploaded via our online learning portalCarey Online. Students will be given resources to use and are also expected to access our library resources.

Our gift to you

As a one-off, introductory gift, we will waive the tuition fees for cohorts of 10 or more students engaged in a CareyLocal course in 2023 (normally $787 per course per student).

Terms and conditions apply.

2023 CareyLocal Courses


Mission of God

Tuesday 7-9pm
Starts 18 July
Course Code: MM581
Emma Stokes
Level 5 (15 credits)

The mission of God is the outworking of God’s gracious love to redeem and restore all of creation, ultimately revealed to us in the work of Christ. Astoundingly, it also includes an invitation to God’s people to participate in this ongoing work of reconciliation and renewal in the power of the Spirit. In this course, we explore the biblical story and trace God’s mission and the formation of God’s people in the narrative. We evaluate examples of how God’s mission has been, and is being interpreted and carried out, and consider what this means for our participation today. The Mission of God course serves as a gateway into Carey’s theology programmes. Various strands of learning and Bible, theology, spirituality, history, culture and society, and the practice of ministry and mission are in introduced with a common orientation towards knowing and serving God within the community of God’s people as participants in God’s mission.

Emma Stokes 300x300

Emma Stokes

Lecturer – Bible and Mission

Doing the Mission of God paper not only opened my eyes to seeing the mission of God, but opened my heart to receive God’s calling into local mission.

Bronwyn Owens
Community Chaplain for Auckland City Centre,
Student – Bachelor of Applied Theology

Introduction to the New Testament

Wednesday 7-9pm
Starts 19 July
Course Code: MB532
Jonathan Robinson
Level 5 (15 credits)

The New Testament is where we get to read the stories of Jesus from those who encountered him in his ministry, death, and resurrection. The New Testament is where we get insight and wisdom from the earliest Christians and their response to challenges inside and outside the church. This course aims to reveal the breadth and depth of the New Testament scriptures with insights into translation, history, literary techniques, and theology. The course equips the student with the skills and knowledge to become informed readers of the New Testament and to thoughtfully apply its message to their own life, ministry, and world, and lays a strong foundation for future biblical study.

Jonathan Robinson_300x300

Jonathan Robinson

Lecturer – New Testament

I am definitely a “mature” student, and I was quite worried about doing formal study again but have found (to my surprise) that Introduction to the New Testament is really interesting. Jonathan makes it very enjoyable and accessible and is encouraging to all. The technology makes it seem as if I am in the room, and it is great to be included in discussions and comments.

Judith Thomas

Student - New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies

What Carey will provide

  • Great discipleship training
  • Engaged lecturers
  • Promotional materials
  • Free fees for cohorts of ten or more enrolling for credit at a church/organisation site
  • Support and advice from our CareyLocal team
  • Academic support

Terms and conditions

A cohort can consist of ten or more students from a group of churches. Students must meet the requirements for admission, formally enrol in the course through Carey, and form a class at one church or site for the duration of the course.

Further Questions

If you have further questions, or your church would like to form a cohort, please contact CareyLocal Lead Nicola Mountfort.

Nicola Mountfort_300x300
Email Nicola: [email protected]
09 526 0345