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The COVID-19 Protection Framework

The COVID-19 Protection Framework (CPF) will replace the current alert level system used by the government to respond to COVID-19 in New Zealand. It uses a 3-level approach to manage COVID-19 in the community:  
    • Green – used when there’s limited COVID-19 in the community, hospitalisations are at a manageable level, and the health system is ready to respond.
    • Orange – used when there’s increasing community transmission of COVID-19, the whole health system has focused its resources but can manage the outbreak, and there is an increasing risk to the public.
    • Red – used when action is needed to protect the health system and to protect at-risk populations.
Unite Against COVID-19

Monday 12 September, 2022

From Tuesday 13 September masks are no longer required when on campus at Carey (though individuals still may choose to wear masks based on their personal preferences and circumstances). We will continue to encourage good ventilation in classrooms and other spaces and strongly encourage people to stay home if they are sick or have any Covid symptoms.

Friday 01 April, 2022

Further to the government announcement regarding the removal of vaccine mandates, we plan to move ahead with the following changes taking effect from 4 April:

    • Staff and students will no longer be required to present a My Vaccine Pass or sign in to be on campus. All other visitors will still be required to sign in.
    • For weeks 5 and 6 (starting 4 and 11 April), the following courses will remain online: MB532 Introduction to the New Testament; MM6/794 Poverty, Transformation, and the Gospel; MM561 Introduction to Pastoral Care; and MB6/732 Pentateuch.
    • From week 10 (starting Monday, 9 May) all weekly-taught courses will be offered on-site except for MB6/732 Pentateuch, which will remain online for all of Semester One.
    • Block courses running over April will be on-campus as per timetable.
    • Masking rules remain the same.

Friday 18 February, 2022

Carey Baptist College (Carey) follows the Ministry of Education Guidelines for Tertiary Education Organisations for operations under the Government. Carey’s position on matters related to vaccination and other public health measures will be reviewed regularly and with any change announced by Government.

Carey’s position on the COVID-19 Protection Framework

  1. Carey will rely on Government and its public health advisors for the most authoritative and safe source of information and guidance on COVID-19 in Aotearoa.
  2. Carey will make every effort to comply with all the Government-mandated requirements of the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Our priority remains keeping staff and students safe while supporting work and learning as fully as possible. Carey encourages everyone who can get vaccinated to do so.
  3. Carey’s position on the key matters related to vaccination and operations has been determined by the Management Team, taking into account the obligations Carey has under the Acts of Parliament for education, employment, health orders, health and safety and human rights.

Red setting

  1. Under the Red setting of the Framework, by Government mandate, everyone on campus must be fully vaccinated and have a COVID-19 Vaccination Certification pass “My Vaccine Pass.” Information on obtaining a My Vaccine Pass is on the Unite Against COVID-19 website.
  2. Exceptions will be made for people with a medical exemption that has been approved by the Ministry of Health. Details on this process are on the Ministry of Health website.
  3. Under the Red setting the campus is open to staff and students operating with public health measures in place. These include one metre distancing wherever possible, the wearing of medical masks in confined or public spaces, and vaccination verification.
  4. Staff and students should keep their My Vaccine Pass with them when onsite at Carey. A necessary step prior to coming on campus is registration of your My Vaccine Pass. Further information about this process will be sent out in advance of Semester 1, 2022.
  5. Students who are not vaccinated can be enrolled for 2022 but cannot be on campus during the Red setting of the Framework. We encourage those who are not vaccinated to contact Carey to discuss the options available to them. Options include live streaming, a hybrid class experience and/or lecture recordings with additional resources.
  6. While Carey will make every effort to provide alternative training/resources under the Red setting, in some cases – such as field education placement – this cannot be guaranteed.
  7. If further lockdowns or restrictions are imposed by Government, Carey will make all reasonable efforts to comply with the teaching and learning designed for students’ programmes of study. In doing so, Carey may undertake certain actions, including full online delivery of teaching and learning or deferment to meet the requirements of students’ programmes of study in response to Government public health orders.

Orange and Green Settings

  1. Under the Orange and Green settings of the Covid-19 Protection Framework, we anticipate that the campus will be open regardless of vaccination status, with necessary public health protections in place. Further information will be provided by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

Monday 24 January, 2022

New Zealand has moved to the Red setting of the COVID-19 Protection Framework as Omicron is potentially now transmitting in the community.

Key points about Carey at Red:

• At Red, staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (unless exempt) to be onsite at tertiary providers. At this stage, staff do not need a booster dose to be ‘fully vaccinated’.
• Students and visitors must also be fully vaccinated (unless exempt) and have a valid My Vaccine Pass to be onsite.
• Face coverings must be used indoors at tertiary education premises that are open to the public, and during formal teaching and learning activities (unless an exemption applies). Capacity limits based on 1m distancing are also required.
• Learning options will be available for those who are unable or unwilling to attend classes being held onsite.

You can find more detailed guidance on how to operate at Red on the Ministry of Education website: Tertiary and international education at Red.

For further information contact Rob Ayres

Wednesday 1 December, 2021

The Ministry of Education has now provided guidelines for tertiary education under the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Here, below, is a summary of the essential implications for us at Carey.

Access to the Carey Campus

According to the CPF, from 3 December all Carey students will need to be fully vaccinated to enter the campus or take part in face-to-face activities. This includes teaching and learning spaces such as classes, meetings, noho marae. The Carey campus (with the exception of the library) will remain closed to students until 26 January 2022. This decision will be reviewed regularly noting the rapidly changing environment and the increasing advances in the management of living with the pandemic globally.

The Library

The library will be open to students, staff and visitors from Friday 3 December, 2021. Opening hours are 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday. Under the Red setting (from 3 December 2021) you will need to be fully vaccinated (unless exempt) and have a valid My Vaccine Pass to enter the Library. Under the CPF, My Vaccine Pass is the only permitted way of verifying your vaccination status. Capacity limits within the Library will be based on 1 m distancing and face coverings must be used when indoors (unless an exemption applies).

Click and collect will continue to be available. Please contact the Library for further information.

Your vaccination information

Please be assured that we will handle this information about your vaccination status in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020 and the incoming legislation relating to the CPF. Personal information about your vaccine status will be protected and will not be shared without consent.

Further information

If Auckland remains at the Red setting in March 2022 (start of Semester 1) all students, staff and contractors will have to be fully vaccinated to come onto campus. We will continue to make provisions for remote and distance access to learning for all students. More information will be provided in due course as further clarity is given by the Government.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with either Neroli Hollis (Academic Registrar) or Rob Ayres (Academic Director). As always, we look to the one who is our refuge (Ps 34:8), the Lord of heaven and earth.

“At Carey we believe that the God of mission is at work in the world by the Spirit to renew people and places in Christ. Our calling is to equip Christian leaders with the convictions, competencies, and capacity to participate in that mission, bringing gospel renewal in churches and communities across Aotearoa and around the world.”

– John Tucker, Principal