International Lecturers

Frank D. Macchia

Prof. Frank D. Macchia was Guest Lecturer of the postgraduate course Holy Spirit: Leadership & Practice.

He is Associate Director of the Centre of Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies at Vanguard University.

Dr Marc Cortez

Dr Marc Cortez was Guest Lecturer for the postgraduate course Being Human: The significance of Christology for understanding humans. 

Marc is Associate Professor of Theology and Doctoral Supervisor at Wheaton College.

Dr Mark Griffiths

Dr Mark Griffiths has taught Children’s Ministry at Carey.

He is currently the tutor in Missional Research and Practical Theology at St Padarns Institute, Cardiff.

Prof. Michael Gorman

Michael J. Gorman is the Raymond E. Brown Professor of Biblical Studies and Theology at St. Mary’s Seminary & University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

Along with being one of the keynote speakers at the 2019 ANZATS Missional Theology Conference he taught the postgraduate course Reading Paul Missionally (Special Topic in Missions) along with Dr George Wieland.

Dr Michael Mawson

Dr Michael Mawson is Senior Lecturer in Theological Ethics at the University of Aberdeen.

In 2019 he taught the Postgraduate Special Ministry Block Course: Suffering Christ’s Call: Christian Discipleship and the Way of the Cross.

Tammy Tolman

Tammy Tolman will be teaching the Children’s Ministry course at Carey in 2020.

Tammy Tolman is the founding Pastor of an Intergenerational Creative Arts community in Australia.