Andrew Clark-Howard

Adjunct Lecturer

Baptist Churches and A History of the Gospel in Aotearoa





  • Doctor of Philosophy (current): “Encountering the Cross: Systematic Theology and Public Witness with Dietrich Bonhoeffer,” Charles Sturt University
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Theology, Carey Graduate School
  • Bachelor of Applied Theology, Carey Baptist College
  • Diploma of Pastoral Leadership (Youth), Carey Baptist College


Memberships and Affiliations

  • Member of New Zealand Baptist Research and Historical Society


Teaching Areas                                                 

  • Baptist Churches (MB6/726)
  • A History of the Gospel in Aotearoa (MB6/728)


Research Areas

  • The life and theology of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Baptist history, theology, and identity
  • The intersection of public and systematic theology
  • Theological race theory and post-settler Pākehā identity



Andrew Clark-Howard is a PhD student at Charles Sturt University and adjunct lecturer at Carey Baptist College. His research and teaching interests broadly lie at the intersection of systematic and public theology, particularly in the areas of theological methodology, Baptist theology and history, theology, whiteness, and race, and the life and work of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Andrew co-teaches Baptist Churches and A History of the Gospel in Aotearoa and lives with his friends and neighbours in Māngere. Alongside his fiancé Steph, Andrew is an active member of Māngere Baptist Church.


Current Projects

  • Systematic theology and public witness within Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  • Theology, whiteness, and settler colonisation in Aotearoa
  • Ecclesiology and Bonhoeffer’s theses in youth work
  • Public theology and Baptist identity in J. K. Archer (1865-1949)


Book Reviews

  • D. Clark-Howard, Review: “Oxford Handbook to Dietrich Bonhoeffer.” Pacific Journal of Theological Research 15/2 (2020): 55-57.
  • D. Clark-Howard, Review: “Exclusion and Embrace, Revised and Updated: A Theological Exploration of Identity, Reconciliation, and Otherness.” Pacific Journal of Theological Research 15/2 (2020): 57-59.


Popular Publications

  • Andrew Clark-Howard, “Things to Read on Race, Christianity, and Aotearoa.” Metanoia (6 July 2020).
  • Andrew Clark-Howard, “COVID-19, Lament, and Message of Jesus.” Metanoia (27 April 2020).
  • Andrew Clark-Howard, “Murals and Malls: How We Tell Our History.” New Zealand Baptist (24 September 2019).



  • AGRTP Public and Contextual Theology Scholarship, Charles Sturt University
  • Carey Award for Academic Excellence, Carey Baptist College
  • Stewart Memorial Trust Scholarship, Carey Baptist College



Email: [email protected]