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Dr Rebecca Webb
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Dr Rebecca Webb

Research Fellow

PhD, GradDipTheol, BE(Hons)


Rebecca spends her time doing science-engaged theology research into human flourishing.  She reads and synthesises ideas between theological anthropology and cognitive sciences particularly psychology and neuroscience.  This is part of the John Templeton Foundation grant awarded to Christa McKirland.

Rebecca’s background is in biomedical engineering, specifically signal processing in the medical sciences.  She did her PhD in the UK in pregnancy vital sign monitoring, and then transitioned into brain-wave monitoring during anaesthesia when she moved back to New Zealand.  In 2020 she came to study at Carey and is now doing the Pastoral Leadership formation track.  Her blend of science and theology has equipped her for research that will benefit church and society in NZ and around the world.

“After completing a Graduate Diploma at Carey I’m thrilled to continue researching in theology with a science flavour.”