New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies

NZQF Level: 5
NZQF Credits: 120
Duration: 1 Year (full-time)
Intakes: February & July
Study Options: On-site, distance, full-time, part-time, block courses

Programme Summary

The New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies provides students with a broad understanding of the principles of theology and biblical foundations as well as establishing skills in evaluative thinking and applied leadership for Christian mission work and ministry.

Students will also gain the skills required in order to lead and manage a wide range of Christian operations for churches and associated agencies through experience and application in a community of practice.

The Diploma may be taken in 2021 with special focus on Pastoral Care

Students studying the Diploma in this format will engage in reflective field education under the guidance of an expert practitioner.

Programme Outline

The programme of study is equivalent to one year full-time totalling 120 credits comprising of:

MM581—Mission of God (15 credits)

MB521—Thinking Theologically (15 credits) 

MS510—Te Ao Maori (15 credits)


MB531 Introduction to the Old Testament (15 credits) and/or MB532 Introduction to the New Testament (15 credits) 


MF501—Reflective Field Education (15 credits) or MF505 Contextual Theological Praxis (30 credits)

And up to three of the following courses (depending on other courses chosen):

  • MM561—Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • MM564—Worship: Then and Now
  • MM572—Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • MB526—Insights into Church History 

For more information on each course view the Course Descriptions.

For a full list of courses view our Schedule of Courses.

Programme Objectives

The New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies will equip you to:

  • Have a sound introductory understanding of the Bible and key theological concepts
  • Apply introductory Biblical knowledge and understanding in specific contexts 
  • Understand and meet the specific needs of different individuals and/or groups (eg different ages, ethnicities, gender) 
  • Reflect on ministry/community contexts and identify opportunities for individual (or group) spiritual growth
  • Demonstrate ethical considerations within ministry/community contexts and programmes
  • Contribute to and lead (formally or informally) individuals (or groups) in ways that are culturally appropriate 

Entry Requirements

Admission to the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies is open to full-time and part-time New Zealand students and full-time International students.

General Admission

In order to gain admission all applicants must have achieved one of the following:

  • National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA), with a minimum of 42 credits at Level 3 or higher on the National Qualifications Framework, and
  • a minimum of 8 credits in English at Level 2 or higher, 4 credits of which must be in reading and with the remaining 4 in writing.
  • A grade of C or higher in each of the three subjects in New Zealand University Entrance or Bursaries and Scholarships (NZUEBS) examinations.

For full information (including Special Admission) please see the Academic Regulations and Calendar.

International student admission requirements, including English language requirements, can be found here.

Transfer from other Programmes

Students who have completed courses at other institutions may be eligible for cross-credits or recognition of current competency.

What is the cost?

See our full Fees Schedule for costs

When are courses taught?

View our Semester Two 2021 Timetable


Note: The Schedule of courses in the Academic Regulations and Calendar indicates the planned cycle of what courses will be offered in which years.

However, please note that due to timetabling constraints and lecturer availability some courses may not be offered as planned.

Course selection and advice is provided via the Academic Registrar to ensure that your programme of study meets the requirements of the qualification you are enrolled in.

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Alumni Stories

Rob Burley

After thirty-five years as an electrical engineer, God opened up a new career for me which left me with more spare time. As I have always loved learning, I was quickly persuaded to study at Carey and I have enjoyed the family-like atmosphere here and also the company of other students. I find it quite stimulating.


Alumni Stories

Mitchell Youngs

Carey this year has not just taught me how to ‘read’ the bible, but how to own what I believe and dig into the freshness of His presence.