The three-year formation process is at the heart of Carey’s ministry training. It is experienced within a learning cohort providing you with a close-knit support group of other students who are on the same learning journey.

Tuesday mornings are a key part of the process with students participating in two-hour pastoral formation modules, a chapel service, guest interviews, lunch, and other campus-based activities.

The three years is broken into:

Year 1 | Self – ministering from a developing personal wholeness

Year 2 | Context – Ministering from an understanding of your people and place

Year 3 | Integration – ministering from a deeply held and well embodied pastoral theology


Other elements of Formation are:

Training Days

These occur once a semester and are designed to extend pastoral skills in three particular areas of ministry life;

  • Personality & Strength Training.
  • Pastoral Ceremonies.
  • Worship Curating.


Ministry Placements

This is integrated and applied learning in ministry with yearly placements, supervised fieldwork in a local church, and summer assignments,12-week placement over the summer period.




A Wholeness Retreat and a Marriage in Ministry Weekend



A strong evaluative process is integrated into the three year programme. The process we use is designed to provide honest, open, and constructive feedback from a range of sources and includes evaluations such as;

  • Reflective Assignments
  • Tuesday Presentations
  • Six Monthly Interviews


Ministry Development Course

We invite you to a lifelong journey of learning in the context that God has placed you.  The Ministry Development Course (MDC) is Carey’s commitment to walk with you and your church in the first two years of your ministry, once you have completed your initial three year Pastoral Leadership Training. 

We believe these first two years are crucial for you to set healthy patterns and rhythms that will encourage your ongoing development as a Pastor.