Youth Pastoral Leadership Training

NZQF Level: non NZQF
NZQF Credits: No credits
Duration: 3 Years (full-time)
Intakes: February
Study Options: On-site formation programme

The purpose of youth pastoral ministry training is to produce pastors who can love, feed, and lead God’s people in a way that advances God’s mission in the world. The individually designed and personally supervised programme is designed to equip our graduates with the knowledge, skill, character, and passion to do this, recognising the variety of contexts and roles in which they will serve.

Students accepted into this programme will graduate with:

Bachelor of Applied Theology

Diploma of Pastoral Leadership – specialising in Youth

A Carey Baptist College Youth Pastoral Leadership Commendation

The Programme involves:


  • Weekly placements within a local church under the supervision of senior pastors.
  • Two summer placements to expand your ministry experience.
  • A weekly Pastoral Theology Class with experienced practitioners.
  • Preaching and communication training, spiritual retreats, and leadership seminars.




3 years of Biblical & Theological learning provided by our Bachelor of Applied Theology, which includes mission, formation and ministry courses focussing on youth ideally suited to Youth Pastoral Leadership:

Foundations of Youth Ministry

Gospel and Youth

Adolescent Development & Spirituality

Te Ao Maori

Introduction to Preaching

Missional Leadership

Introduction to Pastoral Care

Spirituality of a Leader 

Ready to make a difference?


Alumni Stories

Abigail Flood

I would recommend the YPL track at Carey for anyone who wants to work with youth.

It is challenging but very rewarding; it sets you up for ministry and gives you lifelong relationships with others in youth ministry.