Discovery Internship Key Relationships

During your Internship year you will have a committed, supportive group of experts guiding you through your programme.

Your Church/Organisation

The church will provide a supervisor who will oversee your day-to-day ministry experience.

The church is encouraged to pay all or part of the costs for the Discovery Internship e.g. $3,500. The church may find other ways to give financial support like accommodation, food, petrol vouchers etc.

Your Mentor

This person is outside the church whose focus is on supporting the intern to grow personally, spiritually and as a reflective practitioner.

Baptist Youth Ministries

Will be in relationship with the intern and the church, they will also be part of the interviewing process.

BYM will gather the interns nationally and regionally to facilitate their growth in youth ministry skills.

Us! Carey Baptist College

Provides course work as part of the Discovery Internship. Carey provides academic support for the year, as well as pivotal discernment conversations to help interns explore their call to ministry.