Mission Track Programme

NZQF Level: non NZQF
NZQF Credits: No credits
Duration: 1 or 2 Years (full-time)
Intakes: February & July
Study Options: On-site, part-time or distance

Mission  Track is a programme of formation for participation in God’s mission.

It comprises meeting regularly with a mission-oriented peer group, cultivating a missional spirituality, and learning through reflective practice.

The programme is available to full-time and part-time students, on-site and distance (provided they can participate in peer group formation in person or by skype). 

One year on the programme leads to the award of the Certificate in Intercultural Practice, two years to the Diploma in Intercultural Practice.   

The Certificate in Intercultural Practice

The Certificate in Intercultural Practice (one year of Mission Track) involves:

  • Missional Formation
  • Missional Praxis, including at least one Reflective Field Education course or other experiential learning
  • Applied Theology study comprising of courses from Carey’s undergraduate or postgraduate programmes

The Diploma in Intercultural Practice

The Diploma in Intercultural Practice (two years of Mission Track) involves:

  • Missional Formation, with two rounds of assessment
  • Missional Praxis, including at least two Reflective Field Education courses or other experiential learning
  • Applied Theology study, comprising courses from Carey’s undergraduate or postgraduate programmes


Missional Theology

As part of your mission training, you will study towards an undergraduate or post graduate Applied Theology qualification. All of Carey’s Applied Theology programmes are relevant to understanding and participating in Christina mission work.

A normal full-time study load is made up of eight courses in one year, four in each semester. Mission Track students select courses in consultation with the Director of Mission Research and Training both to meet the requirements of their Applied Theology qualification and to serve the purposes of their mission training.

These will usually include the Mission of God course, which serves as an orientation to the whole Applied Theology programme, and other core courses such as; Understanding and Interpreting the Bible, Understanding Culture, Issues in Contemporary Mission, Acts: A Missional Reading, World Religions, Tentmaking, etc. Students are not however restricted to courses that have “mission” in the title!

Carey’s whole Mission Track programme is intended to equip people for participation in God’s mission in the world and a thorough Biblical and theological grounding is a crucial part of that equipping.

Missional Practice

Throughout your mission training opportunities will be taken to learn and grow through engaging in supervised mission-related practice. This can take various forms according to the student’s circumstances and commitments, but in some cases a placement may be combined with one of Carey’s Reflective Field Education courses for credit towards their Applied Theology qualification.

Students are encouraged to plan and budget for at least one overseas experience during their time on Mission Track. They have the opportunity to join in a mission learning trip led by Carey staff with other mission partners.

Missional Formation

Formation is at the heart of the mission training as it provides the opportunity for you to be connected and grow with others in a supportive mission-oriented peer group.

This peer group meets every Tuesday morning from 9.15-11.00am with the Director of Mission Training and/or other Carey staff. We are often joined by Christian mission work practitioners and mission agency personnel.

You will find this weekly gathering significant in your development within mission as it provides a space where ideas, experiences, and challenges can be processed, support can be given and received, and deep relationships can be formed that will continue beyond your time at Carey.

Early in the year an Intercultural Readiness Assessment is undertaken and this identifies strengths and areas of challenge, setting the agenda for your personal growth.

For students completing the two year Diploma in Intercultural Practice programme a second assessment is carried out towards the end of their second year in order to discover any changes that have taken place over the two years and to set direction for on-going development.

Each student’s personal journey in mission is supported by a mentor, chosen in consultation with the student.

Progress in Missional Formation is assessed by means of the following:

  • Journal of your journey in mission; entries of at least 200 words per week; submitted at the end of each half-semester.
  • A mission presentation, such as might be given to a home church or group, either written up or videoed for assessment.
  • End of year reflection, 2000 words, summarizing the missional learning that has taken place through the year, integrating theological study, practical experience and personal growth.

Distance Students

While most Mission Track students are able to come into Carey for the Tuesday morning sessions with the rest of the group, we also have some well motivated distance students. Where possible they skype in to the Mission Track sessions and we try to make arrangements for them to have significant input locally from a suitable person with mission experience and skills.

If you’re considering studying and joining Mission Track as a distance student, contact us to discuss how this could work for you before you submit an application.

Ready to participate in God’s mission?


Mission Track Lecturer

George Wieland

Director of Mission Research and Training

I continue to be inspired and challenged as we read the Bible together with attentiveness to how it resonates in our own mission contexts, share our experiences and struggles, and learn from the hard-won insights of mission practitioners and leaders. It is such an enrichment to share this journey with students who are motivated by love for God and God’s world and are developing mission-shaped lives.