Carey Internship Programme

Carey’s Internship programme is aimed at training reflective practitioners for Christian ministry in a local church, mission or vocational setting.

The Carey Internship Model is based on four Key Relationships:

  • The Intern
  • The Church/Organisation
  • The Supervisor
  • Carey Baptist College

It Provides:

  • Intentional ministry and leadership development in a vocational setting
  • Degree level study in Bible, Theology, Mission and Ministry
  • Supervision and mentoring by experienced practitioners
  • Support and feedback from Carey’s Coordinator of Field Education

It involves:

  • Practical ministry experience and reflection on that experience
  • Development of skills for the art of ministry
  • Guided learning for the integration of theology, ministry and leadership
  • A facilitated peer group to journey with

What do I need?

  • A strong sense of call to train towards ministry vocation, or in an existing ministry vocation
  • A church/organisation committed to your development and training
  • An experienced and trained supervisor and mentor approved by Carey
  • Enrolment in a Carey academic programme
  • Approval of your intended study programme, ministry involvement and supervisor/mentor from Carey’s Coordinator of Field Education