Student Complaints Policy & Procedure

Carey is committed to maintaining a fast and effective procedure to allow all students to bring forward any complaints or appeals where there is a cause for concern and immediate attention.

Carey aims to provide the best possible solutions for resolving complaints as soon as possible, in an amicable manner which will benefit the interests of both parties involved.

Policy & Procedure

If a student has a complaint in relation to the teaching or operation of Carey they should speak in the first instance with the person involved. If the result of speaking with the person does not resolve the complaint then a student may wish to lodge a formal complaint.

The student must submit their complaint in writing and deliver it to Carey for consideration by the Principal who may also consult the faculty.

Once a formal complaint is lodged then some or all of the following actions will be pursued in order to resolve the issue:

  • Upon receipt of a complaint, all members of the Management Team will be advised of its lodgement.
  • The student, supported by a person or persons of their choice, should then have the opportunity to speak with the Management Team regarding the complaint.
  • The Management Team will deliberate, after hearing the complaint and considering the written request, and seek to resolve the complaint at that stage.
  • If the Management Team is unable to resolve the complaint they will refer it to a mediator who is deemed acceptable to both parties. Please note that the decision for such a person will be binding.

Once a complaint is resolved summary notes and the decisions are to be recorded. Copies of all correspondence from and to you will be kept in your student file.

At any stage in the process students may lodge a grievance with the Quality Commission, an independent body that provides a complaints resolution service for students:

Students also have the right to lodge a grievance with NZQA, who provide a service to assist students with complaints. NZQA can be contacted via email, [email protected]


Where appropriate and in instances where agreement cannot be reached, mediation may be called for.

A mediator will be selected on the agreement of all parties, however if agreement cannot be reached the Principal will nominate an appropriate mediator.

Once a mediator has been appointed they will contact each party and speak with them separately before another hearing is called.

At the conclusion of the hearing and the period of mediation, the mediator will complete a report outlining the proceedings and the decisions reached; this report must be signed by all parties and mediator.

This Complaints Flowchart is an easy and helpful reference guide to Carey’s complaints procedure. 

This policy can also be found in Academic Regulations and Calendar 2018. Copies are available for students at reception, in the library and on Careyonline.