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Carey is committed to maintaining a fast and effective procedure to allow all students to bring forward any complaints or appeals where there is a cause for concern and immediate attention.


Carey aims to provide the best possible solutions for resolving complaints as soon as possible, in an amicable manner which will benefit the interests of both parties involved.

Policy & Procedure

If a student has a complaint they should speak in the first instance with the person involved. If the result of speaking with the person does not resolve the complaint then they should speak to their lecturer or the Academic Director, who will assist in resolving the issue.

If a student wishes to lodge a formal complaint in relation to the teaching or operation of Carey they must submit their complaint in writing and deliver it to Carey for consideration by the Principal who may also consult the faculty.

Once a formal complaint is lodged then some or all of the following actions will be pursued in order to resolve the issue:

  • Upon receipt of a complaint, all members of the Academic Committee are to be advised of its lodgement.
  • The student, supported by a person or persons of their choice, should then have the opportunity to speak with the Academic Committee regarding the complaint.
  • The Academic Committee will deliberate, after hearing the complaint and considering the written request, and seek to resolve the complaint at that stage.
  • If the Academic Committee is unable to resolve the complaint they will refer it to an adjudicator who is deemed acceptable to both parties. Please note that the decision for such a person will be binding.

Once a complaint is resolved summary notes and the decisions are to be recorded. Copies of all correspondence from and to you the student will be kept in your student file.

Please note that students also have the right to lodge a complaint with NZQA, who also provide a service to assist students with complaints.

NZQA can be contacted via email, [email protected]

Appeals Procedure

Students of Carey have the right to appeal. There are a number of areas in which a student may wish to make an appeal, the requirements for which are listed below.

Appeals relating to Admission & Enrolment

If an applicant is unsuccessful in receiving an offer of place an appeal can be made within ten workings days of receipt of their declined application.

Appeals relating to Assessments & Final Grades

If a student feels that any assessment process has been inadequate or unfair they have the right to appeal.

Similarly, if they believe that there was an irregularity in the material and/or conduct of an assessment they can make an appeal against their final grade.

Appeals should be made within five working days of receiving a mark or grade.

Further provisions are made for research and thesis work; please refer to the Thesis Regulations for more information.

Appeals relating to Disciplinary Measures & Dismissal

Students may appeal against a decision for disciplinary measures or dismissal only on the following grounds:

  • That new evidence is available, relevant to the misconduct or breach, which was not or could not be reasonably available at the time when the decision was made.
  • Where medical or other exceptional circumstances contributed to an inability to attend a hearing.
  • If there was an error in the misconduct procedures.
  • If the penalty is inconstant with or unsupported by the evidence provided during the misconduct proceedings.
  • Or if the penalty is disproportionate to the misconduct or breach.

Appeals should be made within fourteen days of the decision notification.

Appeal Procedure

An appeal should be made in writing to the Academic Director. When making a request for appeal students must clearly state the grounds on which the appeal is being made; this should include whether you are appealing:

  • The decision made with regards to being found guilty of misconduct or a breach.
  • The penalty imposed.
  • Or both the decision and the penalty.

Please note that sufficient supporting evidence and/or details must be provided in order that it can be determined whether an appeal can proceed.

Once appeal requests are submitted to the Academic Director, they be referred to the Academic Committee who will set a hearing date. At the hearing, students will present their case for appeal after which the Academic Committee will determine if the appeal is supported. If they deem it supported, then all parties must come to an agreement regarding how to proceed.  


Where appropriate and in instances where agreement cannot be reached, mediation may be called for.

A mediator will be selected on the agreement of all parties, however if agreement cannot be reached the Principal will nominate an appropriate mediator.

Once a mediator has been appointed they will contact each party and speak with them separately before another hearing is called.

At the conclusion of the hearing and the period of mediation, the mediator will complete a report outlining the proceedings and the decisions reached; this report must be signed by all parties and mediator.

This policy can also be found in Academic Regulations and Calendar 2019. Copies are available for students at reception, in the library and on Careyonline.

Support Staff

Carey’s team of Support staff are here to help whenever students would like support, have questions or have any concerns.

Click on this link for a full contact list of student support staff.