Here is a list of the Theology courses available at Carey 

Theology is a thoughtful conversation about God in which we listen to Scripture, the Great Tradition of Christian thinkers, and bring our reason and experience to bear on the deep questions of life in order to live them out in contemporary culture.

Please note that not all courses are offered every year.

We recommend you view the Academic Regulations and Calendar 2019 for full details of when each course is offered, pre-requisites, credits and any restrictions.

MB5/621 Thinking Theologically

What are the best ways to talk about our faith? Theology integrates various sources of information, including biblical concepts, reason, experience, tradition and culture. The special focus of this course is on theological method. Case studies are used to illustrate and master theological approaches to a range of contemporary issues.

MB630 Understanding Culture

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the theory and basic skills of understanding and interrogating culture. In so doing, it seeks to demonstrate how culture has a profound impact on the ways in which we view our own contexts, ourselves, and others’ situations.

MB6/720 Christology

A study of the central themes concerning the person and work of Christ. The themes selected are considered in both their historical and theological aspects. Attention is also given to the examination and critique of Christological expression in contemporary church life.

 MB6/722 Spirit and Trinity

In this course we attempt to equip students to analyse and evaluate Christian understandings of the person and work of the Holy Spirit as presented in Scripture and bring those insights into dialogue with contemporary issues. After an introduction to the doctrine of the Trinity, its historical importance and contemporary place, several weeks are devoted to an examination of the biblical presentations of the Spirit, taking particular notice of the development of the doctrine form the Old to the New Testament. Special topics will be covered included: Spirit Christology, the Spirit in relation to the Trinity, and how Trinity and pneumatology are related to other loci of systematic theology.

MB6/723 People of God

What does it mean to be the body of Christ? This course examines Biblical understandings of the Church, exploring ramifications for ministry and the sacraments. Particular attention will be paid to the impact of these concepts on other Christian doctrines.

MB6/724 Humanity and Hope

An exploration of the Christian understanding of the nature of human beings and the concept of Christian hope.

MB6/743 Apologetics

Christianity is seen by many today as weird, incomprehensible, and stupid, but is that true? The human condition, human experience, basic intuitions, history, science, and reason all point to the truth of Christianity. This course helps equip students with a holistic contemporary apologetic, which shows why we have good reasons to believe what we say we believe. Students will be equipped to have better conversations, ask better questions, and to share answers with gentleness and respect.

 MB790 Research Essay (Bible & Theology)

 This course provides opportunity for advanced level students to undertake guided research. Enrolment must be approved by the Academic Director and will also require the support of a supervisor able and willing to supervise the research. (There is therefore no guarantee that a student will necessarily be given the opportunity to undertake a proposed research essay.)

The Research Essay is a maximum length of 6000 words including footnotes and excluding bibliography.