Mission, Ministry and Formation

Mission, Formation and Ministry courses available at Carey

How can we live faithfully and do the work of God’s kingdom in the various contexts of Aotearoa New Zealand and across the world? These courses integrate learning about God’s world and God’s word to shape our participation in God’s work.

Please note that not all courses are offered every year.

We recommend you view the Academic Regulations and Calendar 2019 for full details of when each course is offered, pre-requisites, credits and any restrictions.


Pastoral Care
MM561 Introduction to Pastoral Care

This course introduces learners to the theory and practice of pastoral care in a Christian framework involving an exploration of the biblical, theological, historical, and psychological underpinnings of pastoral care and the role that self-awareness and self-care plays in the lives of pastoral care givers. Several issues that are frequently encountered in pastoral care such as crises, grief, cancer and questions on listening to God are explored.

 MM661  Pastoral Counselling

Building on the foundation laid in Introduction to Pastoral Care, students are introduced to the philosophy and basic skills involved in pastoral counselling. In so doing, it seeks to demonstrate how these principles actually apply in the relational, sexual, spiritual, and personal experiences of persons that seek pastoral counselling.


MM581 Mission of God

This course is a gateway into Carey’s Applied Theology programme. Various strands of learning in Bible, theology, spirituality, history, culture and society, and the practice of ministry and mission are introduced with a common orientation towards knowing and serving God within the community of God’s people as participants in God’s mission.

 MM665  Missional Leadership

Building an understanding of leadership based on Biblical, theological and spiritual convictions and relating this to ministry and mission contexts.

 MM6/787  Church and Mission in Multicultural Contexts

Aotearoa New Zealand is undergoing profound demographic change. In this course we shall explore our increasingly diverse cultural contexts in the light of Christian faith, in order to develop approaches to the practice of church and mission in those contexts.

 MM688  Special Topic (Mission)

This course studies a particular Mission topic. Aspects that might be explored include history, theology, method and practice of mission, and mission in particular contexts.

MM6/794 Poverty, Transformation and the Gospel

This course considers the challenges that issues of poverty and injustice pose to Christian faith and action, Current development theories and practice will be introduced and considered in relation to Biblical and theological perspectives on such themes as the gospel, the kingdom and the mission of God. The course will resource participants to evaluate various development approaches and construct proposals for Christian practice in Aotearoa and overseas.



Children, Youth and Family Courses
 MM772  Children’s Ministry

This course examines issues surrounding children and the church. It covers areas such as child development and its relationship to faith development and integration of children into the wider church congregation.

 MM777  Family and New Zealand Society

All of us are part of a family of one sort or another. How do we make sense of family in today’s complex world? How do social and cultural changes influence our understanding of what families should be like, including marriage, gender roles, and parenting? This course examines the family and family life in contemporary New Zealand from theological and sociological perspectives. Students will be challenged to think through the implications of such perspectives and family trends in New Zealand for church life and ministry.  This course has been developed to support the needs of students engaged in ministry particularly to children, young people, and families.

MM572 Foundations of Youth Ministry

This course aims to introduce students to ideas and practices that are fundamental to youth ministry in New Zealand. It will encourage students to begin the journey of thinking theologically and philosophically about youth ministry. Students will develop pragmatic/ practical skills within the ministry context as well as engaging with a range of recent scholarship that highlights various approaches to, and ethos of youth ministry.

 MM6/768 Adolescent, Development & Spirituality

This course will explore the process of adolescent development and its complexities and consider how a growing sense of spirituality might be nurtured during adolescent years. Students will learn about adolescent development, including biological and sociological perspectives, as well as some difficulties within the field of adolescent research. Spiritual formation in adolescents will also be explored, including theories of formation, research on the effectiveness of current models of faith formation, and key practices that contribute to spiritual formation in young people.  Discussion and evaluation of the course concepts will occur in light of the students’ own faith stories and experience in congregations.

 MM669 Gospel & Youth

This course explores the nature of both the gospel and salvation through the lens of ministering to youth in New Zealand. It will also evaluate the presentation of the gospel in the context of the unique qualities of youth culture and the adolescent experience, making note of various ethnic differences in the New Zealand context. The course will help the student to think through the challenges for youth of living out the gospel in the 21st century, as well as developing ministry solutions, at both an individual and group level.



MS605 Christian Spirituality

This course explores Christian Spirituality—how to live out the Christian faith—from a biblical, theological, and historical perspective. It introduces students to the major traditions and classic writings within Christian spirituality and engages with a selection of the most pressing issues in contemporary spirituality and ministry. This is a very practical course. Students will discover, practise and discuss a range of spiritual disciplines that will nurture their spiritual growth and sustain their witness and ministry.

 MM663 Introduction to Preaching

This course provides students with an introduction to the theology and practice of Christian preaching. It starts by considering the nature and importance of preaching for the church’s life and mission. It then moves into the principles and skills of effective preaching. The course will equip students with a sound methodology for preparing and delivering sermons that are faithful, clear, relevant and engaging. It will introduce them to a range of different sermon types and the basic principles of effective oral communication. And it will help students to consider the qualities and practices that are essential to sustaining a preaching ministry. This is a very interactive course with considerable class time devoted to practising skills and evaluating sermons.

 MS510  Te Ao Maori

This course introduces the student to the Maori world, explaining the concept, and use, of whakapapa in relation to Māori Christian spirituality and history. It also covers the historical impact of the Treaty of Waitangi and its place in church and the wider NZ society today.

MM564 Worship Then and Now

This course strives to integrate both the practical and theological application of worship design and leadership in order to foster meaningful, contextual and biblically grounded response to God as His gathered community. It will explore the narrative nature of worship and liturgy and its formative potential. Students will be exposed to various worship experiences and worship leading guests throughout the actual practice of worship leadership and careful theological planning of creative, experiential, participatory, interactive and connective worship practices.

MM6/795 Special Topic (Ministry)

This course studies a particular aspect of Ministry. Aspects may include historical background, ideas, practice, and the implication and application for today.

MM790 Research Essay

This course provides opportunity for advanced level students to undertake guided research. Enrolment must be approved by the Academic Director and will also require the support of a supervisor able and willing to supervise the research. (There is therefore no guarantee that a student will necessarily be given the opportunity to undertake a proposed research essay.)