Church History and Christian Thought

A list of the Church History and Christian Thought courses offered at Carey

One of the great commands in Scripture is “Remember.” God constantly seems to be calling his people to remember their history. In these courses you will do that. You’ll recall and explore the history of God’s people. You’ll celebrate the successes, acknowledge the failures, and learn from both. How have Christians in the past interpreted Scripture? How have they understood the gospel? How has the church interacted with culture? How has it engaged in ministry and mission? By tracing the history of Christian thought and practice, you’ll discover a new appreciation of God’s grace and a new wisdom for discipleship and leadership today.

Please note that not all courses are offered every year.

We recommend you view the Academic Regulations and Calendar 2019 for full details of when each course is offered, pre-requisites, credits and any restrictions.

MB526 Insights into Church History

This course covers key themes from church history in the period 1500 AD to 2000 AD and provides a foundation for those wanting to study further in this area. The themes are drawn from the Reformation, the modern church, mission history and New Zealand history.

MB6/716 Brethren Churches

An exploration of the history and principles of Brethren churches, with a focus on their doctrines and distinctive in New Zealand.

MB6/726 Baptist Churches

An exploration of the contexts and convictions of Baptist churches as they developed in England, America and New Zealand. This course integrates these contexts and convictions with contemporary issues in Baptist ministry and mission.

 MB6/727 Early Church

A thematic exploration of the movements, developments, struggles and controversies in the first 500 years of Christianity.

 MB6/728 A History of the Gospel in Aotearoa

This course explores the story of Christianity in Aotearoa New Zealand from 1814 through to the present day. It examines how the message of the gospel has shaped church and society over the last two hundred years. It illuminates the historical dimensions to many contemporary issues facing the New Zealand church. And it highlights how an understanding of the history of Christianity in Aotearoa is crucial to effective gospel ministry and mission in the country today.

 MB6/729 Special topic (Church History)

This course studies a particular aspect of Church History probing historical background, method, function, ideas and the implication and application for today.