Carey Course Options 2021




Postgraduate Courses (full year)  
MA801  Research Methods
MA804 Intercultural Bible Reading
MA826 Kingdom Economics
MA827 Theology Race and Church
MA828 Discipleship and Gospel Transformation


Undergraduate courses  
Semester 1  
Monday 1 March 2021  
MB6/735 Luke
MB6/722 Spirit and Trinity
MB6/731 Prophets: A Canonical Reading
MB526 Insights into Church History
MB6/743 Apologetics
MB630 Understanding Culture
MB532 Introduction to the New Testament
MM561 Introduction to Pastoral Care
MS510 Te Ao Maori
MM572 Foundations of Youth Ministry
MM6/788 Special Topic: Issues Facing the Church Today
MB5/6/701 Reflective Field Education


Semester Two  
26 July – 19th November 2021  
MM663 Introduction to Preaching 
MB6/737 Romans
MB521 Thinking Theologically
MB6/769 Gospel and Youth
MB6/720 People of God
MB531 Introduction to the Old Testament
MM581 Mission of God
MM661 Pastoral Counselling
MB6/728 A History of the Gospel in Aotearoa
MB6/740 Acts: A Missional Reading
MB6/733 Worship and Wisdom
MS6/705 Christian Spirituality
MM564 Worship Then and Now
MM6/777 Family and NZ Society
MF5/6/701 Reflective Field Education


Full Year Courses  
MI700 Integrative Project
MF5/6/705 Contextual Theological Project