Compulsory Student Services Fee 2021

Carey Baptist College (Carey) has consulted with students on the Compulsory Student Services Fee (CSSF). The consultation covered the level of fees, the type of services, procurement of services and the authorisation of expenditure. The fee for 2021 for a full-time student is $400 including GST and $50 including GST per course for a part-time student. 

Details of the types of service and of the income and expected expenditure from the CSSF for 2021 are set out in Appendix 1.

Advocacy and Legal Advice

Both Carey and the Carey Students Association (SASS) provide an advocacy support service to students needing assistance with academic issues, income support issues and other matters relating to their study. Carey sees this as part of the costs covered in tuition fees and therefore does not include it in the CSSF.

Careers Information, Advice and Guidance

Students are guided into and through the pastoral leadership track by the Director of Ministry Training. Students pay a fee to be part of this training track. Carey sees this as a cost covered in the fees and therefore does not include it in the CSSF.

Counselling Services

A portion of teaching staff time as well professional staff support is spent on providing non-academic counselling, pastoral care and mentoring of students to assist with learning and cultural issues. This is to assist students in areas that are outside the teaching curriculum and is in addition to costs covered in tuition fees.

Employment Information

Carey does not provide specific information on employment opportunities for students during study (but see Careers Information/Advice and Guidance).

Financial Support and Advice

Financial support is provided to students who have been identified either by the Director of Ministry Training, Principal, Academic Director or Student Association Officers through a dedicated student support fund.

Health Services

While Carey provides and maintains the sick bay, a portion of the CSSF is allocated to assist with these costs.


A portion of the CSSF is allocated to student run media for students.

Childcare Services

No childcare services are provided

Clubs and Societies

Any clubs or societies are to be self-funding.

Sport, Recreation and Cultural Activities

A portion of the CSSF is allocated for the maintenance of sports equipment and covers the cost of providing and maintaining the student recreation room and equipment. A further portion is allocated to student run community events.



Chris Berry                                                                                            Carly Armstrong and Jonathan Edmeades 

Executive Director                                                                     Presidents, SASS 2020


For further information on the levy, services or how the money is being spent, please contact Chris Berry, Executive Director ([email protected])

Appendix 1