Sports Chaplaincy Programme

NZQF Level: 5
NZQF Credits: 60
Duration: 1 year (Full-time) or 2 years (Part-time)
Intakes: February & July
Study Options: Full-time, part-time, distance, on-site

Programme Details

Students who complete the Sports Chaplaincy specialisation through Carey Baptist College (Carey) will be awarded the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies. Students will normally be going through the accreditation process with Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand (SCNZ) while enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Christian Studies.

The Sports Chaplaincy specialisation follows the Carey academic year (with two semesters typically beginning in March and July). A Sports Chaplaincy placement in a sports organisation, club or team is most likely to be the equivalent of completing Required Field Experience (RFE) or Contextual Theological Praxis (CTP)  via recognition of prior learning (RPL) – see course outlines below. If arranged in advance with SCNZ it may be possible for your Sports Chaplaincy placement to begin earlier than Carey’s academic year. This will be discussed as part of the enrolment process with individual students and in consultation with SCNZ.

The full Certificate programme can typically be completed over two years part-time, other alternatives are possible. Please get in touch with us if you would like to explore options.

Study may be on-site or fully by distance, or a combination.

Key Relationships

The Foundations of Sports Chaplaincy course has been developed in partnership between SCNZ and Carey and aligns with SCNZ’s accreditation requirements.

SCNZ manages the chaplaincy accreditation process and determines suitability of candidates for accreditation as a Sports Chaplain.

Please contact SCNZ in the first instance if you are interested in this pathway, Together with you SCNZ will coordinate practical placements and supervision within sports organisations. Carey Baptist College employs experienced Sports Chaplains to teach the Foundations course.

The other taught courses are offered by Carey Baptist College and are taught by Carey teaching faculty.

Mandatory Courses

You must complete one of:

MF501 Reflective Field Education (15 Credits)

NB: This course may be achieved via recognition of prior learning (RPL) if you have a Sports Chaplaincy placement.


MF505 Contextual Theological Praxis (30 Credits)

NB: This course may be achieved via recognition of prior learning (RPL) if you have a Sports Chaplaincy placement.



MM566 Foundations of Sports Chaplaincy (15 Credits)



Elective Courses

In addition to the mandatory courses you can choose from the following to make up 60 credits :

MM561 Introduction to Pastoral Care (15 Credits)

MM581 Mission of God (15 Credits)

MM572 Foundations of Youth Ministry (15 Credits)

MS510 Te Ao Māori

MB521 Thinking Theologically

MB526 Insights into Church History

MB531 Introduction to the Old Testament

MB532 Introduction to the New Testament

MM564 Worship Then and Now (15 Credits)

MM565 Children’s Ministry (15 Credits)

See our 2021 Timetable for more information on times.

Visit our Schedule of Courses for more information on each course.

Sports Chaplaincy Recommendation

Phil Pawley

National Director, Sports Chaplaincy New Zealand

Jesus told his disciples “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field. Go, I am sending you…”. That’s the mandate for the sports chaplain to pastor people who would not normally darken the door of a church. God is raising up a movement of people willing to invest their lives into a sporting community, knowing that’s the only realistic way much of our sports-crazy Aotearoa will ever encounter Jesus personally.”


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