Presence-Based Church



Would you like to be part of a transformative community, committed to Jesus, focused on renewing people and places? The Presence-Based Church stream is designed to be a foundational time of intentional involvement in different church community expressions.

You’ll get to meet and know a diverse bunch of people from around the country who sense a call to revisit the basis of church as local, relational, and redemptive communities. As part of a learning cohort you’ll be engaging in fieldwork that will explore, challenge, and engage with both the biblical basis of presence-based church and the real churches and communities on the ground around the country moving this way.

You’ll be undertaking this fieldwork along with Bible & Theology, Mission, Ministry, and Formation courses as part of your study towards the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies. This will provide you with a solid base to move on to future involvement and leadership in transformative church expressions, and give you a clearer sense of your fit in the kingdom as you work out where is next for you personally.

Highlights of the Pastoral Care Stream

The Presence-Based Church specialisation combines contextual theological praxis, tertiary level applied theological study, and supervision and mentoring by experienced practitioners including:

Serving and Practical Ministry – Participating in intentional expressions of church community ministry and mission development in a church or organisation context. This will involve eight hours per week over a full year or a shorter more intense period of a minimum six weeks, or joining a living community for the year.

Studying – Tertiary level study in Mission, Bible & Theology and Ministry including supervision and formational learning times throughout the year within a cohort of students.

Supporting – Supervision and mentoring by experienced practitioners, support and feedback through Carey’s well-established Field Education process, and journeying with others for mutual support and resourcing.


Programme Details

Students study towards the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies

(NZQA Accredited, Level 5, 120 Credits)

The Presence-Based Church stream follows the Carey academic year (March to November), but it may be possible for the practical placement to begin earlier, if arranged in advance.

Key Relationships

Throughout your programme you will develop key relationships that will support and nurture including:

  • Your Supervisor within your day to day experience of church/your organisation
  • Other Students
  • The Specialist Mentor – Duane Major
  • Carey Baptist College 


Your Specialist Mentor – Duane Major

Duane Major will mentor you in Presence-Based Church. Duane works at SouthWest Baptist Church in Christchurch leading their Communities and Ministries.

He is involved in co-ordinating the working together of local communities, local mission initiatives and ministries of the church and independent trusts. His wealth of experience and knowledge will inspire and resource your learning.

Your interaction with him will include hui, Block courses, formational fieldwork, cohort experiences and online activity.

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Interested to know more?

To find out more about this specialisation contact Duane Major

[email protected]