Pastoral Care Key Relationships

During your Pastoral Care stream you will have a committed, supportive group of experts guiding you through your programme.

Your Supervisor

You will need to find your own supervisor who will oversee your day to day experience. You will meet with your supervisor once a month to reflect on your growth, challenges and experiences.

Your Specialist Mentor – Phil Halstead

Dr Phil Halstead is the specialist who will mentor you in pastoral care. Phil not only lectures in applied theology with a focus on pastoral care, pastoral counselling, inner healing, and integrative theology but he is also a practising pastoral counsellor and heads up the pastoral care work at St Augustine’s church in Auckland. In conjunction with others he will support you in your learning with his unique skills and will frame interactions, formation activities, cohort experiences and online activity.

Other Students

You will journey with a cohort of pastoral care students where you will contribute to each other’s pastoral care development and support one another.

Us! Carey Baptist College

Carey will provide a framework and tools to build your pastoral care experience through course work as part of the speciality stream and academic support for the year.