Pastoral Care


Specialisation within the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies

Love pastoral care? Have you ever contemplated adding to your pastoral care skill-set? Then regardless of whether you’re new to pastoral care or steeped in pastoral experience, come and join us on this exciting pastoral care stream at Carey.

You will engage with experienced pastoral care practitioners and cutting-edge pastoral scholarship in a life-giving, accessible, and safe fashion. 

Over the course of a year you’ll study the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies with a focus on pastoral care. You’ll also cover a wide range of key pastoral care and counselling issues that caregivers encounter in churches and people-oriented contexts through this unique specialisation.

Dr Phil Halstead introduces the Pastoral Care Stream

Highlights of the Pastoral Care Stream

The Pastoral Care specialisation combines contextual theological praxis, tertiary level applied theological study, and supervision and mentoring by experienced practitioners including:

Serving and Practical Ministry – Participating in intentional ministry and pastoral care development in a church or organisation context of your choosing through eight hours per week over a full year or a shorter more intense period of a minimum six weeks.

Studying – Tertiary level study in Bible & Theology, Mission and Ministry including supervision, pastoral care experiences and formational learning times throughout the year within a cohort of students.

Supporting – Supervision and mentoring by experienced practitioners, support and feedback through Carey’s well-established Field Education process, and journeying with others for mutual support and resourcing.


Programme Details

Students study towards the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies

(NZQA Accredited, Level 5, 120 Credits)

The Pastoral Care stream follows the Carey academic year (March to November) and involves Contextual Theological Praxis and studying three courses per semester

Key Relationships

Throughout your programme you will develop key relationships that will support and nurture including:

  • Your Supervisor within your day to day experience of church/your organisation
  • Other Students
  • The Specialist Mentor – Dr Phil Halstead
  • Carey Baptist College 


Your Specialist Mentor – Phil Halstead

Phil is the specialist who will mentor you in pastoral care. Phil not only lectures in applied theology with a focus on pastoral care, pastoral counselling, inner healing, and integrative theology but he is also a practising pastoral counsellor and heads up the pastoral care work at St Augustine’s church in Auckland. In conjunction with others he will support you in your learning with his unique skills and will frame interactions, formation activities, cohort experiences and online activity.

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Interested to know more?

To find out more about this specialisation contact Phil Halstead

[email protected]