Mission Research and Training


Carey’s mission training aims to equip followers of Jesus to participate in God’s mission in the world today; whether that will be overseas or nearer to home.

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Would you like to be formed and prepared for intentional participation in God’s mission in the world?

Carey’s mission training aims to equip followers of Jesus to participate in God’s mission in the world today, whether that is overseas or nearer to home.

You will cultivate missional spirituality and intercultural skills, growing into a deeper understanding of God’s mission both in Aotearoa New Zealand and across the world.

Carey offers two pathways for students:

Mission Stream

In this Mission stream you will be enrolled in the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies with a special focus on Mission. You will be grounded in an actual mission context, reflect with other participants on real experience, while studying courses in Bible & Theology, Mission, and Culture.



Mission Track

Mission Track is a formation programme that may be taken alongside any of Carey’s applied theology qualifications.

You will journey with others as you grow in your understanding of God, the world, and the gospel and discern the way ahead for your participation in God’s mission.

Mission Research

The contexts of mission are always changing, presenting new challenges and creating fresh opportunities. 

That’s why at Carey we value research that tries to understand this changing world in the light of Christian faith in order to shape the practice of mission.

Alumni Stories

Alicia Meek

Graduate Diploma of Applied Theology

I came to Carey with the intention of deepening my theological foundation to inform my social practice. Mission Track has provided a space to consider engagement in God’s kingdom through Scripture reading, storytelling, and reflection on my participation in God’s mission. I enjoy a sense of togetherness in our cohort as we explore our faith and practice together.

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